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Zsa Zsa Padilla Doesn't See The Need To Fall In Love Again

Zsa Zsa Padilla is not ready to fall in love again even after a year since the Comedy King Dolphy passed away. She said she likes this "space" in her life now where she can take care of the things she has to set aside when Dolphy was sick.

Now, Padilla can concentrate on her work and her children. She also feels "independent."

"So parang ‘yon lang ang focus ko sa ngayon. I don’t feel that I need a special person in this time of my life."

At 49 years old, Padilla said falling in love again is far from her list of priorities. She feels that in this period of her life, she should find someone half her age. However, they may not connect on that many fundamental levels.

And if she falls in love with someone older than her, Padilla said "baka naman mabiyuda na naman ako!"

“If it happens, it does. Siguro kasi because I’m still mourning, so malayo pa.”

The first year anniversary of Dolphy's death is just around the corner--on July 10. Padilla said their family is just planning a simple celebration because they are all still trying to move forward.

Although it's hard, the Divine Diva said she has to let go because she knows Dolphy is in a better and happier place. "Of course, easier said than done."

Padilla said she still talks to her partner even though he's already gone. "I miss Dolphy's voice."

For her 49th birthday last May 28, she asked the "ASAP 18" crew to prepare something celebratory for her. She said audio-visual presentations of her life with the King of Comedy will just make her miss him more.

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Zsa Zsa Padilla Doesn't See The Need To Fall In Love Again

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