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Troy Montero Biography

Cody Andrew Garabato Miller III is the real name of Troy Montero, a Filipino actor, comedian, model, dancer and singer which has a German, Irish and Filipino lineage. He was born on July 30, 1977 at Tacoma, Washington to an Irish father Cody Miller Sr. and Cynthia Miclat Garabato, a Filipina that was born in Texas. He has two brothers by the name of KC and Colby who are in Philippine entertainment as well. Troy is so proudly Filipino that he wants to master the Tagalog language to better understand the value of this dialect.

Actually Troy did not have intentions of joining showbiz industry when he came for a visit. His looks, body and personality naturally brought him to where he is now. Barely two weeks in the country, he was surprised he was offered to host in a dance show entitled “Keep On Dancing.” Troy gradually became popular and made numerous appearances in TV shows, films and commercials. He became a brand favorite model because of his almost perfectly shaped body. Filipinos are more than willing to welcome a fresh face and a new talent. He was savoring the unexpected success yet he remained humble and just kept on learning new things to further improve his abilities. The Guillermo Mendoza Memorial Foundation gave him an award as the Most Promising Male Actor in the year 2000.

Originally back home, Troy together with his friends formed had a band. For those of you who do not know yet, his first love is singing, and he even composes poems that eventually became songs. But fate has a different twist in his life, and he never regretted whatever he is now. Ivory Records made his dream to be a singer possible by releasing his debut album “Special Memory” in 2004. Troy was not only happy but real proud of this achievement.

Troy met an actress and a model, the equally famous Aubrey Miles whom he fell in love with. After five years of relationship, they were blessed with a son and named him Hunter. Troy now has an ultimate purpose in life, his family. He believes hard work and determination is the key to a successful life thus aside from his showbiz career, he had his own donut shop and is helping his Dad in their real estate business.

The character trait that really struck the Filipino audience of a Troy Montero is the importance he has been giving to learn Filipino ethics and traditions. He displays a man who keeps family values strong and intact, which shows in the way he talks about his mom, dad and brothers. The respect he gives his parents is clearly heard and shown even in national TV. That makes him more appealing to his fans. It helped that his brothers KC and Colby are with him in the country and in this business as well, to spend the time with when he misses home. They are each other’s best friends and confidants.

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Troy Montero Biography

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