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Dennis Padilla Biography

Dennis Padilla is the screen name of Dennis Baldevia who was born on February 9, 1962 in Caloocan, Philippines. He is a Filipino actor and comedian, politician and a radio broadcaster as his profession. She married Marjorie Barretto and had children namely Aynrand, Claudia Isabelle, and Julia and Leon. Dance had siblings Gene Padilla, Dencio Padilla, Jr. Richard Padilla and Glen Baldevia. Their father was the late comedian actor Dencio Padilla. Dennis was a municipal councilor in Caloocan in 2001 until 2007. He runs for a Board member seat in Laguna, his province, with partymates Angelica Jones, Sol Aragones and ER Ejercito, who won as governor in the 2013 elections. He and Marjorie had already separated a few years back because of individual indifferences. Dennis is now a Born-again Christian.

Dennis is happy her daughter Julia is also making her own name in the Philippine movie industry and he agreed to use the surname Barreto as her screen name. He says he doesn’t mind because he himself is using Padilla as his screen name. He believes that his daughter can make waves in her acting career and that she can also be successful in this field.

After being separated from Marjorie in 2008, Dennis had a new girl, a Filipino-Australian named Linda Marie Gorton and they had been together for 5 years. They already had a child which they call Gavin. Linda Marie is only 25 years old compared to Dennis who is already 51 but Dennis says, she is mature for her age.

When asked about the Marjorie scandal, he was worried for the children especially Julia because she just entered showbiz and he knows her to be quite sensitive. It was campaign period when the scandal broke loose and he was not able to talk to Marjorie about the issue. Instead, he texted his children and told them not to get affected and instead focus on their studies. He just wished that this scandal will spare their children because they do not know what really happened. Even he was not spared in his campaign. In politics, it can be more sensational and controversial. That’s why he always reminds her children to take it easy and concentrate on more important things.

His movies include: “Nardong Kutsero,” in 1969, “Totoy Bato, “ in 1977, “Anak Ni Waray vs Anak Ni Biday,” in 1984, “Taray at Teroy,’ in 1988, “Wanted: Pamilya Banal,” “Michae and Madonna,” in 1990, “Shake, Rattle and Roll,” in 1990, “Robin Good: Sugod ng Sugod,” in 1991, ‘Pitong Gamol,” in 1991, “kaputol Ng Isang Awit,” in 1991 “Maging Sino Ka Man,” in 1991, “Andrew Ford Medina: huwag Kang Gamol” in 1991, “Onyong Majikero” in 1991, “Darna,” in 1991, “bad Boy,” in 1992, “Grease Gun gang,” in 1992, “Blue Jeans,” in 1992, “Mandurugas,’ in 1992, “Miss na Miss Kita: utol Kong Hoodlum,” in 1992, “Alabang Girls,” in 1992, “Row 4: Ang Baliktorians,” in 1993,”Astig,” in 1993, “Makuha Ka Sa Tingin: Kung Puede lang,” in 1993, “Pusoy Dos,” in 1994 and “Pintsik,” in 1994.

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Dennis Padilla Biography

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