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Jim Paredes Biography

The real name of Jim Paredes is Jaime Ramon Paredes, born on August 31, 1951. He is a popular singer, composer, writer, television personality, and activist in the Philippine world of entertainment. He is a one third of the APO Hiking Society together with Danny Javier and Boboy Garovillo. In 1986, he popularized “Handog Ng Pilipino Sa Mundo,” which became the theme song of the 1986 People Power Revolution and was recorded by almost 15 Filipino singers on the same year. It has an English version called “A New and Better Way,” which was launched in Australia months afterwards. The lyrics were then embedded in a wall of the Our Lady of Edsa Shrine, in recognition of the song. He earned his degree in Bachelor of Arts in Communication at the Ateneo de Manila University. Jim is married to Lydia Paredes and had daughters named Angela and Erica, and a son named Mio. Jim has a dual citizenship and also resides in Sydney as well as in Manila. He also appears in various TV shows and was once a judge on Search for a Star in a Million.

A multi talented person, he has been teaching at his alma mater, facilitates different kinds of workshops, a book writer, and at times a photographer, a columnist in the widely circulated newspaper in the country, the Philippine Star. He has been a supporter of the Aquinos’ since time immemorial, and up to now, he has been supporting the administration of President P-Noy Aquino and he firmly believed in all his advocacies.

Jim Paredes shares that he is very much optimistic of the government because he had seen a good heart in Noynoy, and his honesty is irreplaceable. As idealistic as he is, Jim is always on the background watching and probably helping the country to rise one more time from the deep slumber of corruption and to bring the nation to be great again. This was clearly seen on the EDSA revolution, wherein he not only physically joined, but wrote a song that became an inspiration to every Filipino.

It might not appeal to every Filipino, but Jim observes that real changes are happening and is still happening in the Philippines, all because P-noy made it possible to put the country in a good light in the international scene. As Jim Paredes writes, everything about the country now points to a positive progress. It will only take a little more time and the change can be felt by every Juan and Juana.

This is how Jim assesses himself. He wants every Filipino to understand that amidst the rain, there is always a cloud behind. He is more than a singer, an educator or an artist. He is first a Filipino who will continue to be vigilant about what’s the latest in the country, in the government and the administration, and the people making it possible to help the country rise to every fall. He doesn’t get tired getting excited to be a Filipino.

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Jim Paredes Biography

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