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Vicky Morales Biography

Vicky Morales or Victoria “Vicky” Morales-Reyno in real life is a popular Filipino television newscaster and product endorser in Philippine Media. She was born on July 13, 1969 at Manila, Philippines and studied at the Ateneo de Manila University, one of the most prestigious schools in the country. She is an anchorwoman in “Saksi,” “Wish Ko Lang,” and “Good News Kasama si Vicky Morales,” all under GMA Network. This famous newscaster and TV personality is married to Atty. King Reyno and it took them seven years before she got pregnant with her twin boys. They named the twins Leon Alfonso and Flippo Luis which she gave birth on March 19, 2008 through a cesarean procedure.

Vicky had also a daughter named Daniela Simone, and was very thankful to the Lord for giving her a daughter. She considers her life very challenging because now, she had to take care of her children and attend to their needs aside from being very busy in her career. Vicky and Atty. King had celebrated their ten years together and they are both happy in spite the challenges of everyday life.
Vicky is proud of her achievement as a broadcast journalist for twenty years now although she never dreamt of becoming one. She had a Management degree but enjoyed her Communications subject so much. It was a vague hint of a broadcasting career, and when a professor introduced her to ABS-CBN she never thought she’d pursue this career. Vicky tried her luck auditioning at GMA 7 network and luckily was given the opportunity to do a news casting job. And that was the start of a broadcasting career unexpectedly.

Vicky admitted that time spent with her husband was actually minimized because of their schedules. Her husband goes to work in the mornings and her at nights. She is just happy that her husband is the most understanding men she had ever met and very supportive of her career. Vicky has been very loyal to GMA 7. This is where she was given the break, and in return she works very diligently and with dedication to whatever tasks she is assigned. She sees to it that every time the need arises; she makes herself available no matter what the circumstances are.

Vicky Morales is also a product endorser. She believes that endorsing a product takes some kind of responsibility and should be done only when there is trust and truth about a certain product. Today, she cannot ask for more. She is enjoying her successful career and family.

Vicky has little secrets too, like top 5 things she can’t do without, which consists of a lip gloss, powder, wallet, cell phone and water. She de-stresses by eating a piece of chocolate or by just eating a cold fruit. Her favorite bonding time with the kids is reading books and cuddling the three of them.

Well, Vicky is just like any other ordinary mother and wife behind the camera. She just wants to have fun and be as normal as any other woman, and thankful for all the blessings she had been receiving.

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Vicky Morales Biography

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