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Hilda Koronel Biography

Hilda Koronel in real life is Susan Reid. She was born on January 17, 1957 in Angeles City, Pampanga, Philippines. Hilda was born to a Filipina mother and a former American serviceman in Clark Air Base. A multi-awarded veteran Filipina actress, she had appeared in numerous films that were highly admired by various film critics since the 70’s.Hilda was only 13 years when she received her FAMAS Best Supporting Award in the 1970 movie entitled “Santiago.” This opened the doors for an acting career, and a lot of opportunities came afterwards. She actually started when she was only 12 years old in 1969 through a show over Channel 11 entitled ‘Nightowl Dance Party,” a kind of contest open for children. It was in Lea Productions that she had the first taste of doing movies as a bit player, and everything was history. It was Director Lino Brocka who really mentored her in acting and even her personal life.

The classic movie “Maynila: Sa Kuko Ng Liwanag,” a Lino Brocka film in 1975 starred Hilda as the lead role and another movie ‘Insiang,” in 1976 was also another starrer for her. “Maynila,” garnered six FAMAS awards in 1976, and “Insiang,” got a FAMAS and a Gawad Urian Award in the year 1977. For the records, Hilda already won three major awards and had 11 nominations to her name.

Hilda married former Filipino actor Jay Ilagan, who admittedly, was her very first love. She saw him when she was only 12 years old and made a promise to herself that she would someday marry him. True enough, they were married when she was only 16 years old. Although they had children, and they both are in love, like any other couple, they had their own individual differences. That was already many years ago, and everybody knows that Jay had a live in partner by then, also a Filipina actress named Amy Austria. Jay then met a fatal accident that led to his death.

Many things had happened with Hilda personally, and although she is permanently staying in the US, she still comes home at times to visit and make very rare movie appearance. In May 2000, she married Ralph Moore, Jr., a Filipino-American businessman, in Laughlin, Nevada. Hilda had several children namely Leona, Ivy, Isabel, Gabby and Diego. Although they had different fathers, they grew up and were raised up as a child Hilda wants them to be.

A respected actress, Hilda gained respect in the movie industry because she is really good in her craft and she worked hard to achieve what aspect of being an actress she wants to be. She admits she doesn’t want to be a superstar, but she wants to make a mark in the industry because she is really good at it, not because she needs to please everybody in the industry to make it big.

Recently, she had walked the red carpet at Cannes Festivals once again, and it was 35 years ago since she had witnessed this event. Her classic film ‘Maynila: Sa Kuko Ng Liwanag,” was digitally restored and shown internationally. She recalled that the last time she attended the festival was when her movie “Insiang,” was shown in 1978 through the Directors Fortnight. Hilda was so proud of this film and it really brought up a lot of memories back then. She went there with her husband who was equally proud to be with her. She said Ralph loves watching her old movies even those without subtitles.

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Hilda Koronel Biography

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