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Jackie Forster Biography

Jackie Forster is a Filipina actress. She was once married to Benjie Paras, a PBA Hall of Famer and had two sons namely Kobe and Andre. The couple had already separated couple of years ago and had established their own family. Benjie has already married a former pre-school teacher and had two children, and Jackie had also another two children from her new husband. Jackie started her acting career at a young age of 14 but cut short when she met Benjie and was pregnant at the age of 16. She had a step sister named Mickey Ferriols, also a Filipina actress and TV personality.

After she was separated from Benjie, Jackie was linked to actor Joey Marquez back then, at the same time Joey had a relationship with then Presidential daughter Kris Aquino back in 2003. The alleged romance with actor Joey was played by the press, and the denial of Joey Marquez added left the public guessing who’s telling the truth between Jackie and him. Benjie Paras, ex-husband of Jackie added more to the already chaos, and surprised the public when he sided with Joey Marquez on the issue. Kris Aquino on the other hand later believed that Jackie was indeed in the US that time and that they had been seeing each other at all at the same time, he is with Kris.

Jackie Forster although seldom seen on TV and movies had always been visible, not on showbiz projects but on controversies one after the other. Her latest issue about her children not wanting to see her despite his public appearances and begging them to at least give her a chance to meet them once again has been many times denied. Jackie flew from Malaysia just to grant an interview with Boy Abunda, to clarify issues about the separation from her ex-husband and her wanting to see Kobe and Andre. She even made an effort to air a video of her and the children when they were still small to show them her real intentions of getting back in their lives.

Meanwhile, the two children in an interview stated that they wanted more “space” and is not yet ready to face their mother. They said it took them awhile to move on from the trauma they had with Jackie. Benjie Paras on the other hand stated that he doesn’t control the minds of the children and they can already speak whatever they had in mind and does not need any coaching. Benjie added that he keeps reminding them if possible to refrain from answering questions related to their mom, to avoid further issues. He says, he leaves the decision to their sons and respects whatever it would be. Jackie in return believes that someone might be behind her sons’ being very vocal of not allowing her to see them anymore. Jackie is currently not giving up, and willing to wait for the time that she can finally be with his sons once more.

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Jackie Forster Biography

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