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Elmo Magalona Biography

Elmo Moses Arroyo Magalona, better known as Elmo Magalona was on born April 27, 1994 in Manila, Philippines. He is a popular Filipino actor and singer in Philippine movie and television showbiz industry. Elmo is the sixth among eight siblings of Master rapper Francis Magalona and Pia Magalona. He was only six months old when he appeared in the front cover of Freeman, and five years after, he once again appears in Freeman 2. Elmo has his first Tv commercial with his father in a noodle commercial “Lucky Me Supreme.”

Elmo Magalona is a regular on the GMA show party Pilipinas as a host. He also starred in “Bantatay” and “Kaya Ng Powers.” He also appeared in “Pilyang Kerubin.” As of now, Elmo had not released an album yet, but when the time comes he only hopes that he can be able to reach success like his dad. Elmo is also in showbiz, but as much as possible, he doesn’t want to be involved in controversies. He doesn’t want to be compared to any contemporaries. Rumors had it that he and screen partner Julie Anne San Jose had a video making fun of young actor Daniel Padilla, an ABS-CBN talent.

Elmo just wants to concentrate and focus on his career rather than the intrigues that are being thrown to him. Elmo is busy preparing for an upcoming drama series also in GMA 7 and is set to release his first album by the end of the year.

Last Father’s Day, the family got to bond together through the project “Kaleidoscope Forever,” the biggest gift the siblings had to give back to their father, Francis. Since Elmo started as a celebrity, he has been paying his tribute to his dad because he admits he is a family person, and the video of ‘kaleidoscope forever,” focuses on family. It is similar to the original video which highlighted clips of pictures of Francis parents’ Pancho Magalona and Tita Duran. This is a kind of follow up to that video. Pia, Francis’ wife and mother of the children Maxene, Frank, Saab, Clara and Arkin expressed his support for this project stating that the project’s purpose is to bring the fans of Francis and Elmo together. The song strongly implies peace, and this is what the family would like to impart to everybody.

Pia shared that she and husband Francis used to write songs and all the songs they have composed all boils down to love, ‘kaleidoscope’ is one song that returns the love and respect to one’s ancestry. This is one song that can never be forgotten and almost everybody can relate. Even young generations can still sing and understand the song, Elmo added. He even admits that it will take him a long way before he can reach his father’s status, of being one of the icons in the Philippine music industry, but Elmo is determined to follow his dad’s footsteps slowly but surely.

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Elmo Magalona Biography

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