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Michael De Mesa Biography

Michael Edward De Mesa Eigenman was born on May 24, 1960 and is a popular Filipino actor in Philippine movie and television industry. His parents are performer and Pastor Eddie Mesa and veteran actress Rosemarie Gil. His siblings are Mark Gil and Cherie Gil, who are actor and actress like him. He started early in his acting career, and at age 15 he starred in the film “Araw-araw, Gabi-gabi.” He had met the actress Gina Alajar then, fell in love and later married in 1978. They had three sons namely Ryan, Geoff, and AJ Eigenmann, who are all actors. After 28 years of being married, they decided to separate because of serious differences. Their annulment was granted in 2006 and Michael is now married to Julie Reyes, and currently stays in California, USA.

Michael chose to live in the US to live a new life together with Julie. After 5 years of staying there he was granted a green card. He worked for an Ambulance provider in the States as an instructor for basic life support. He admits he feels lonely at times because living there is totally different compared to living in the country. After a year of staying there, he went home to attend to his son’s Ryan’s wedding.

Although he is based in America, he still considers doing some acting and directorial jobs for the moment. He had grown and lived all years of his existence down in this industry, and whatever he does, he still boils down to this career he had loved. He was asked a role he can’t refuse via “Kasalanan bang Ibigin Kita,“ with his son in real life, Geof Eigenmann and Jackie Rice. He felt the role was so tempting that he cannot afford to say no. Michael also appeared in drama series “Valiente,” a reunion of the original cast back then, and this was a sequel. In the series, he got to work with Mark Gil and Jaclyn Jose and he was more excited. After the teleserye, he was offered a two year contract by GMA, doing a major role in “Indio.” Michael then did a movie after which he went back to America.

Born an artist and a performer, he got to do several shows in the US which were all successful, and he hopes he can also make it better there. He just wanted to move on and bring what he had learned in the decades that he was in Philippine showbiz. Michael will always be around even if he is away. He has his own legacy, and had already proven himself in regards to being an actor.

His Awards included, Urian Best Actor Award for the movie “The Unfaithful Wife,” in 1986; FAP Best Supporting Actor Award for the film “Paradise Inn,” also in 1985; FAMAS Best Supporting Actor Award for the movie “The Unfaithful Wife,” in 1986; and Urian Best Supporting Actor Award for the film “Ikasa Mo, Ipuputok Lo,” in 1980. Michael will still continue to be visible in the industry because he is already considered as one of the pillars of Philippine entertainment.

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Michael De Mesa Biography

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