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Carmi Martin Biography

She was born on August 8, 1963, and Ms. Carmi Martin, is Carmita Martin in her real life. She is a popular Filipina sexy, comedienne and actress in the Philippine movies and television industry. Carmi was first seen in the 1980’s as a celebrity showgirl and a dramatic actress.

During the years that she was not really that busy with her showbiz commitments, she studied and got a certificate in the Philippine School of Interior Design in 2003. In 2011, at the age of 47, she got her diploma in a Bachelor degree in Fine Arts at the Philippine Women’s University. It was a different kind of fulfillment and achievement for her, because she had done something that she had wanted to do in such a long time.

Her being a single though, is her personal choice. Earlier in her life, Carmi had been crying because she feels alone and dreams also to have a family of her own, but after some time, she realized that it was a choice to be single, and she is much happier now. There’s more to life than just brooding and thinking that the pressure to be with somebody is all that she needed in the world. There are many things that are waiting to be explored, such as focusing on her studies where she just graduated in a particular course.

She called herself an “independent woman,” and enjoyed every minute of it. Now she can concentrate more on her new career aside from being an actress. She can go exactly where she wants, and do whatever she needs to do, without thinking about any other things but herself. It is easier that way she says. She is still very thankful that the public still recognizes and accepts her in the industry, which is already a rare instance among few veteran actors and actresses.

Carmi came from very humble beginnings, and she grew up and was raised in Sta. Ana, Manila, Philippines. She lived in a house that is always flooded, she recalls, but this did not stop her from being optimistic and continue to dream. Because she had a pretty face, and a shapely body built, these became her assets to try her luck in showbiz world. She was only 16 when she joined Dolphy’s angels, which opened new opportunities for her in Philippine entertainment. She was able then to help support the family and put up some investments for herself.

She had bought for herself a condo unit in 1988, and she had been staying here for almost 20 years. The condo still looks good as new and the inside interiors had been very well designed. Carmi had been seasoned by her personal experiences in life she says, and by other factors such as being unlucky in relationships, taking care of a sick sister, her desire to pursue a college education and the secrets of being a private person without negative publicities whatsoever.

Everything that she had in life today is the result of perseverance and dedication, love of family and friends and best of all her faith in God. She is still around today, busy with her showbiz career and her new found love: interior designing.

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Carmi Martin Biography

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