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Charice’s Mom Reveals She Was Also A Lesbian

If you thought the family drama among Charice’s family would end after the international singing sensation ‘came out,’ you could be up for another surprise. In another twist to this story, it seems that the 21-year old singer is just continuing a family tradition.

Today, June 7 (Friday), Raquel Pempengco finally broke her silence about the issue involving her famous daughter. In a press interview held at their old family house in Rancho Estate in Marikina City, Raquel confirmed that she has not been in talking terms with Charice for quite some time now. She also vented out her feelings about how she feels like her daughter has abandoned her family.

But that did not surprise the showbiz press people in the conference. In the question and answer forum that followed her official statement, Raquel revealed that she could relate to Charice because she also went through the same route. To avoid any onset of misinterpretations, Raquel directly admitted that she was also a lesbian.

Lesbian mom

Take note that Charice’s mom used the past tense. She reiterated that she changed her ways because she chose to be an obedient daughter to her mom, Charice’s grandmother who has also been airing out her sentiments about Charice’s admission.

Before this controversy, showbiz observers did not see any hint that Raquel could be gay. In fact, several years ago, at the height of Charice’s popularity, Raquel faced intrigues about her past boyfriends. She was already accused of being a ‘sugar mom’ to some of her past boyfriends, some younger than her. There was also an issue about her decision in the past to let a boyfriend live in their house.

Grandma’s turn

Before Raquel’s press conference, her mom and Charice’s grandmother, Tess Relucio agreed to be interviewed by ‘Startalk.’ That interview would be aired on the June 8 episode of the GMA-7 afternoon gabfest. Relucio’s revelations did more impact because those preceded Raquel’s.

First, Relucio said this could be a case of ‘like mother, like daughter.’ She disclosed that her daughter Raquel also went through the same phase. She recalled that during her younger years, Raquel also had girlfriends, some of them she invited to their home.

But Relucio said she sincerely asked her daughter to change because she wanted a grandchild from her. She went on to reveal that she arranged Raquel to be married to Charice’s dad. But Raquel’s husband turned out to be an irresponsible one. Thus, Relucio decided to take her daughter back and take care of her and her children, Charice and Carl.

Obedient daughter

Although Relucio implied that she resented having to force Raquel to do her wishes, she insisted that she had appreciated how an obedient daughter Raquel was. Thus, she is asking Charice to also do the same.

Raquel and her mother (Charice’s grandmom) are strongly opposing Charice’s decision to live in with her girlfriend Alyssa Quijano. They have reiterated that they are not against Charice’s sexuality and her decision to come out. But they clarify that they could not accept the fact that Charice is now feeding Quijano’s family, whom they thought used to hurl intrigues to Charice during her struggling days as a performer.

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Charice’s Mom Reveals She was also a Lesbian

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