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Mtrcb Rejects Plea To Ban Vice Ganda

The Movie and Television Review and Classification Board (MTRCB) has rejected a request to ban standup comedian Vice Ganda from any show and performance in the future. The censorship board has acknowledged the complaint filed by a concerned citizen named Socorro Guatlo Jr or alias Uncle Bob, who has also asked to prohibit the gay comedian from staging any performance.

MTRCB Chairman Eugenio ‘Toto’ Villareal said the board has no power to do so. The chairman, who is also a lawyer at the same time, reiterated that the censor body only holds jurisdiction over TV programs and movies, not TV and movie personalities. He cited the previous ruling by the Supreme Court for the case of Soriano vs. Laguardia (former MTRCB chairman), which stated the limitations of the board’s power.

Furthermore, the allegations pointed in the complaint were never sufficient to prove any violation of PD 1986 provisions, which set the rules and regulations of MTRCB. Guatlo’s complaint was basically based on the recent controversial jokes cracked by Vice Ganda (in real life, Jose Maria Viceral) pertaining to GMA-7 news personality Jessica Soho and senator-elect Nancy Binay.

Villareal also pointed out that because the same complaint was directed against specific personalities and the supposed violations were not aired on TV, MTRCB dismissed it right away for insufficient jurisdiction. He revealed that the complaint also had many more allegations, but still, all those do not fall as offences against PD 1986.

Last week, MTRCB urged Vice Ganda and his network ABS-CBN to re-consider the way they bring the comedy bar brand of humor to television. The board held an orientation with the comedian and the network’s executives last June 5 to refresh them on the norms stated under PD 1986 as well as under the Broadcast Code of 2007, which was amended to protect children, women, senior citizens, and persons with disability.

At the same time, MTRCB has emphasized the importance of respect to the dignity or people, whether on-cam or off-cam. Vice Ganda and his pool of scriptwriters are advised to start sticking to non-offensive style of humor. The board is asking the comedian to be more sensitive especially to the feelings and sensitivities of his audience.

The board is proposing to Vice Ganda and to ABS-CBN to consider establishing a comedy academy that would uplift the brand of modern comedy through development of very creative but audience-sensitive material. MTRCB revealed that it is also set to meet with the executives of GMA-7 and TV5 to further discuss insights about the practice of bringing comedy bar humor into the boob tube.

Meanwhile, MTRCB is operating business as usual. It is not clear whether Vice Ganda has already responded to the appeal of the public and of the board, but many of his daily TV show’s audiences think that he is somehow mellowing on his brand of harsh comedy lately.

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Mtrcb Rejects Plea To Ban Vice Ganda

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