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Cecile Ongpauco Wishes Senator Chiz Escudero Can Find Someone His Age

Heart Evangelista's mother, Cecile Ongpauco, held another press conference on March 21 to ask Senator Chiz Escudero to find someone his own age.

She also said that they will be filing complaints against Escudero “for incriminating an innocent person.”

They said that he meddled into the private life of another. She added that they are just waiting for more legal advices from their family lawyer.

Ongpauco, however, apologized to Escudero when he earlier said that his mother and children are being affected by the issue.

She said that they do not wish harm to anybody, and that she is only telling her experiences from meeting the 42-year-old senator.

“He has children. When they grow up, I wish they don’t experience such a thing. As a mother, I’m just simply narrating things as I’ve experienced things under Mr. Escudero, that’s all," she said.

Ongpauco added that she does not wish the Escudero family pain from what she has been saying in the media.

“It’s just that we are really suffering now because we of think his actions towards our family, and about trying to control our daughter who was so innocent about these things," she said.

Ongpauco also said that their family is not belittling the senator, who said earlier that the Ongpaucos have no right to belittle him just because they are rich.

Evangelista's mother said that she is only sharing her experiences regarding what has been done to their family, and what Escudero was doing to her as a parent.

She said that Escudero normally shouts at her daughter, and that the senator is always drunk.

Ongpauco said that their maids told them that Escudero shouted at Evangelista a couple of times.

Escudero, in an earlier interview, denied the allegations. He said that he never did anything bad to Evangelista or to her parents.

Evangelista's mother also revealed how her daughter becomes submissive when she's in love.

She said that Evangelista "follows a pattern of total submission."

"She subordinates herself and caters to everyone. If Chiz thinks that he’s very special to her, he’s very wrong because it’s the same pattern that she does with everyone. If she thinks that my daughter is in love with him, she’s like that," she said in the press conference.

Ongpauco said that Evangelista is treating the senator the same way she treated all her other past boyfriends.

She said that Evangelista allows Escudero to practically live in the condo unit she owns, and that her daughter even buys the groceries.

Ongpauco also said that Escudero is even allowed to use her daughter's Mercedes Benz, and that Evangelista pays for the gas.

“I simply wish he could find someone his own age," she said, referring to the senator.

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Cecile Ongpauco Wishes Senator Chiz Escudero Can Find Someone His Age

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