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Shaina Magdayao Now Prefers Non-Showbiz Boyfriend

If she can have her own way, Shaina Magdayao wants a non-showbiz guy for her next boyfriend. In a press conference for the upcoming movie ‘Four Sisters and A Wedding,’ Magdayao said she learned her lessons from her past relationships. She insists that she wants a quiet and peaceful relationship, spared from the usual intrigues hurdled at showbiz couples.

In the same media huddle, Magdayao refused to talk about her most recent boyfriend, high-profile actor John Lloyd Cruz. She insisted that she does not like to drag the actor into the publicity for her movie. But she disclosed that she and Cruz have not yet talked because ‘there is nothing to talk about.’

Keeping mum

Magdayao was well admired because she kept her silence after her controversial breakup with Cruz. She succeeded in keeping all the details of that separation to herself, which earned her the respect and admiration from many people. Some showbiz insiders think that if it happened to other actresses, details of the breakup would instantly spread after the event.

But she has been most thankful to the people in her surroundings. She is happy for all the support she has been generating from her family, friends, and fans. She said she is very appreciative of all their efforts to help and amuse her.

When asked if she has suitors, Magdayao confirmed that she has several guy friends who try to court her. She revealed that it is impossible not to fall in love with most of those friends. But she is thankful that she is not giving in.

Instead of looking for another romantic relationship, Magdayao disclosed that she is currently concentrated on her work. She thinks that it is not yet the right time to fall in love again because she has lots of work to attend to. For this, she is more than thankful. She said she enjoys working herself too hard.

No time for dating

Thus, she insists that she does not find time to date anyone. She disclosed that she has been taping for the TV show ‘Juan dela Cruz’ for about four weeks now. She is also busy rehearsing for Sunday noontime show ‘ASAP 18.’ She has also been busy filming her upcoming movie.

When asked about her ideal boyfriend, she initially refused to describe her ideal man. But she implied that she prefers to date a non-showbiz guy. This is because she seems to be aloof in getting into another showbiz relationship. This is understandable after her past controversial breakups.

She implied that she wants her love life to turn less traumatic. In the end of the interview, she said she thinks she has learned everything that she needs to learn about relationships. She reiterated that life has always been good and that there is no need to dwell on the sad experiences in life.

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Shaina Magdayao Now Prefers Non-Showbiz Boyfriend

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