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James Yap Will Fight For Son Bimby Aquino-Yap

James Yap filed for a hold departure order against his ex-wife, actress-TV host and presidential sister Kris Aquino.

He said that he will go against the permanent protection order (PPO) filed against him by Aquino because he doesn't want their son, Bimby, to think that he didn't fight for him.

The issue started on December 3, 2012, when Yap apparently tried to seduce Aquino. On the same day, Aquino said that Bimby witnessed their exchanges and was psychologically abused by his father's actions.

Yap denied the allegations.

He said that before the December 3 incident, they were okay.

He said that they even joked around each other regarding Yap's taste in fashion and Aquino's weight.

"Sirang-sira naman ako sa istoryang iyon. Masyado naman na ang ginagawa sa akin," Yap said in an exclusive interview with PEP.PH.

He said that this will be the last media interview he will grant regarding the issue.

"May kanya-kanya na kaming buhay. Pero, siyempre, nandiyan si Baby James, kaya may koneksyon pa kami. Maayos naman kami," he said.

Yap said that he was comfortable to kid around with Aquino because they were okay before the December 3 incident.

He said that on December 3, he and his son were playing when Bimby suddenly run to Aquino's room. Yap said he followed his son there because it wasn't the first time that he was able to enter the room.

He was about to bid goodbye to Bimby because the visitation hours are over. He then asked his son to give him a kiss on the cheek. Bimby apparently refused because Aquino was there.

“So ngayon, e di sabi ko, nagbiro ako kay Bimby. Sabi ko, ‘Bim, if you don’t kiss me, I’ll kiss your Mama.’ Sabi ko, ‘I’ll kiss your Mama," Yap told PEP.PH.

He related that Aquino also jokingly said, "Yuck, yuck... Yuck! Kadiri!"

While they were joking around, Yap then touched Aquino's arm. He told his son "Bim, look, I’ll kiss na si Mama mo. Kiss mo si Papa."

“Pagkahawak ko nang ganun, alam mo kung ano’ng reaction niya [Kris]? ‘You’re hurting me!' Ganun! So, pinapakita niya sa bata na masama akong tao, na inaano ko, na sinasaktan ko yung Mama niya,” he said.

Because of what his son saw, Bimby went between Aquino and Yap. He then wanted his father to get out of his mother's room.

Aquino then hugged Bimby. She was facing Yap then. Yap said that Aquino made faces at him, as if saying she's gotten the better of him.

He then told Bimby that Aquino was smiling despite pretending to get hurt.

But when Bimby faced his mother, Aquino apparently changed her facial expression into an angry one.

Yap said that he only told Aquino, "Ikaw talaga!"

He denied allegations that he raised his voice against Aquino, and that he told her hurtful things.

His lawyer, Atty. Sonya Castillo, said that if Yap really did hurt Aquino, he would have not been allowed by Aquino's presidential security guards to get out of the condo unit that easily.

Aquino is entitled to PSGs as a sister to President Benigno Aquino III.

The next day, Aquino apparently texted Yap, who then called her and confronted her about Bimby.

He asked Aquino why their son doesn't seem to like him.

Aquino told him that he disrespected her inside her own house. Yap then told Aquino what he was really thinking about Bimby's reaction towards him.

He said that Bimby would always tell him that he's a liar. When asked who told him that, Bimby would say that it was his mother.

Yap said that Aquino "brainwashed" the kid.

There are also some instanced wherein Bimby would stop in the process of hugging him because Aquino was there or what he would be forced to say that he loves Aquino more than his father.

Castillo, Yap's lawyer, said that they are ready to face whatever charges Aquino might throw their way.

She said that they thought the issue was over between Aquino and Yap.

According to the accusations against Yap, he apparently doesn't visit Bimby that much.

Castillo said that the original agreement would be for Bimby to watch Yap's games. But he wasn't able to because Aquino would usually schedule other activities for their son.

The initial agreement would be for Yap to visit Bimby every Wednesday and Friday. When that didn't work out, Aquino said that Yap can visit every Tuesday and Thursday.

Yap apparently agreed. He added that he has always been thankful to Aquino for allowing him to see his son.

But he related that he always finds himself adjusting to what Aquino wants, especially when it comes to seeing their son.

When they argued on December 4 when Yap confronted her about what Bimby was telling him, Aquino apparently told him that his brother, President Aquino, still has three years in office.

“Sabi ko, ‘Grabe ka naman. Napakayabang mo.’ Sabi ko talaga, ‘Ang yabang-yabang mo.’ Yun ang sinabi ko,” Yap said.

Aquino apparently answered, "Talaga!"

When they were still together, Aquino allegedly told him one time to look at her "exes" and see that they don't have careers anymore.

She allegedly said that when she cries, the public believes her instantly.

Castillo also said that Aquino's recent steps against Yap stemmed from Yap's refusal to sign Bimby's adoption papers.

“He did not sign the affidavit of consent. He refused to sign the affidavit of consent sent earlier by Kris. So you do this [PPO], so that you get whatever you want. Indirectly, by filing a case. Yung gusto niyang ma-achieve na adoption ni Bimby, sa ganito niya gagawin," Castillo said.

Yap said that he will fight for his right as Bimby's father.

"Ipaglalaban ko na ito. Ayokong sabihin ng anak ko na kinukuha siya sa akin, tapos di ko siya ipinaglaban," he said.

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James Yap Will Fight For Son Bimby Aquino-Yap

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