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Annabelle Rama To Withdraw Cases Against Nadia Montenegro And Daughter Ynna Asistio

Annabelle Rama has revealed that like Nadia Montenegro, she will be dropping charges she had filed in connection to their past feud.

The revelation was made by Rama in an interview with the Philippine Daily Inquirer.

According to Rama, she will be withdrawing all cases she filed against Montenegro and the actress’s daughter, Ynna Asistio.

In the interview, Rama mentioned she could not resist accepting Montenegro’s apology.

“She humbled herself, admitted that she’s wrong, and asked for my forgiveness. Who am I not to accept?” Rama said.

According to the celebrity talent manager, she and her lawyer will be withdrawing the cases filed at the Pasig City Regional Trial Court tomorrow, Friday.

Montenegro earlier revealed on Tuesday that she had settled her differences against Rama. According to the actress, nothing was planned but she was glad that when she and her daughters hugged “tita Annabelle”, Rama accepted.

Meanwhile, Rama also revealed a few developments about the cases she and Montenegro are involved in including advises from lawyers and the courts.

“For months, my lawyer has been asking me to sit down with Nadia, but I wasn’t ready. When she and Ynna hugged me that day, my heart melted,” she told the Inquirer.

“The judge advised Nadia and I to have lunch. I agreed and we were able to talk,” she added.

Rama also said that Montenegro made a revelation to her. The actress, whose daughters Rama used to manage, reportedly admitted that the idea to sue the manager was from another actress. Rama said that Montenegro revealed being “brainwashed” by this actress into filing the cases.

“Nadia said it was this woman’s idea to accuse me of being a pimp. This was because she wanted to force me into releasing her daughter from our contract. She promised she would also file a case against me, but her daughter, who is no longer a minor, refused to cooperate,” Rama said.

The manager refused to identify the actress mentioned by Montenegro.

Rama reportedly asked why Montenegro listened to the actress.

“I told Nadia, ‘why did you listen to her? You know she’s just jealous of me. You know that I’ve done nothing wrong to you and your children. You should have just talked with me instead.’” Rama said.

Nonetheless, the manager revealed that all things are ending well.

“Nadia admitted she made a mistake. I also said sorry for the negative things I said about her,” she said.

Furthermore, she explained that when her family heard about her patching things up with Montenegro, they, especially daughter Ruffa, confirmed the news.

“[Rufa] came to me and asked me if it was true. I told her, Nadia already said sorry. What would people say of me if I continue to be angry with her? I’m not heartless. I feel bad about Nadia’s daughters. They should not have been involved in our quarrel,” the manager said.

Meanwhile, Rama appears to not have lost her edge and had a message to her critics.

“Mahirap akong kaaway. Attending court hearings is my passion. I’ve never been absent in any of them. I make sure to arrive early. I never back away from any fight, but I never start them,” she said.

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Annabelle Rama To Withdraw Cases Against Nadia Montenegro And Daughter Ynna Asistio

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