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Kris Aquino Airs Her Side Of The Story Regarding Spat With Ex-Husband James Yap

Kris Aquino filed a temporary protection order (TPO) against ex-husband James Yap because of the incident on March 8 and not what happened on December 3.

This was contrary to Yap's earlier statement that the TPO was triggered by the incident more than three months ago.

Aquino said she feld violated as a woman when Yap entered her house on December 3 just when he was finishing his visit to their five-year-old son, Bimby.

Aquino gave a tell-all interview on TV Patrol. Her sisters, Ballsy, Pinky and Viel, were with her during the interview.

Under the law, ex-husbands shouldn't have the right to enter his ex-wife's room because that is already a private space.

Aquino learned a lot about her rights as a woman, she said.

“The fact na nag-stay pa siya doon, na hindi na kami kasal, nilabag na niya yung batas na nagpoprotekta sa mga babae.”

Yap also apparently used harsh words against Aquino, even pointing a finger at her numerous times. Aquino told Yap to get out of her room, but he remained there.

Their son, Bimby, saw the whole ordeal.

In December last year, Aquino texted Yap about his visitation rights. She said Yap can visit Bimby, but not inside their condo unit.

Yap wasn't able to see his son until February 1.

Bimby then went to see Yap in a mall because his father promised that he will buy him a toy. Yap didn't fulfill his promise.

The next time they saw each other was on March 8.

Aquino arrived early from work. When she entered their building's lobby, she heard Bimby crying near the elevators.

She approached Bimby and Yap, Aquino said.

“Ang sinabi ni Bimb, ‘Mama, Papa’s saying that he never hurt you. But he’s a liar ‘coz I saw everything. I was there, Mama, I saw it,'" Aquino said.

Bimby apparently told his father he saw him hurt his mother.

“Sabi ko, ‘That’s enough, let’s go!’ Umakyat kami and that’s when I called my sisters.”

The Aquino sisters--Ballsy and Pinky--rushed to their sister's defense. They said they treated Yap nicely, and that's why it hurts them too that he is dragging even the President's name into the issue.

Yap said Aquino threatened him by saying her brother, President Benigno Aquino III, will still be in office for three years.

The Aquino sisters said they never told the President about the issues their youngest sister is facing.

They said he has to attend to a lot of national issues, so they don't want to be a burden to him.

However, Ballsy said she texted him about their interview on TV Patrol.

“James, kilala mo kami. Sa dami ng pinagdaanan n’yo, nagkaroon ng settlement, wala ka talagang narinig sa amin," Pinky said.

Aquino denied the allegations she used her brother's name to threaten her ex-husband.

“I didn’t. Alam mo, Ted, kung kapangyarihan ang pag-uusapan natin—why is he able to hurt me so many times?"

Ted Failon was the one who interviewed the Aquino sisters.

“Never nakialam si Noy. Never kong ginamit ang kapatid ko. Hiyang-hiya na ako sa pamilya ko."

She accused Yap of ruining the good things her brother has been doing for the country.

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Kris Aquino Airs Her Side Of The Story Regarding Spat With Ex-Husband James Yap

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