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Claudine Barretto Posts Pictures With Her Bruised Face

The controversial Claudine Barretto is again being the talk of the town despite her silence. Even if she is not visible in show business, she is drawing attention in social networking sites, particularly photo-sharing site Instagram. She has been noticeably posting photographs of herself and her kids in that Website.

Perhaps, a picture is worth a thousand words. Barretto clearly knows that. It could be the reason for her habitual and frequent posting of pictures with no or less caption. She is logically leaving her social media followers to make inferences and conclusions from her photographs.

On Friday, June 21, Barretto posted four interesting pictures consecutively. For many fans and gossip mongers, she is always an interesting subject, whether for positive or negative. But on those four pictures, she was noticeably having a bruise on her right cheek.

Noticeable bruise on her face

The bruise was very obvious because aside from the skin discoloration, the area obviously looked swollen. The first picture featured herself with her daughter Sabina and two other young girls. Her bruised face is already grabbing attention in the photo. The caption only contained a symbol of a heart. This image was already deleted on the account, but some showbiz reporters have already taken a screenshot of it before it disappeared.

In the second picture, she was already with children Sabina and Santino. Again, her facial bruise was prominent. The caption hinted that the photo was taken in Sabina’s school, where she celebrated her birthday. The third picture featured Barretto and her kids, with a caption that greets Sabina on her birthday.

The fourth picture was an image of a cake with a number candle, indicating that Sabina just turned 9 years old. The caption greeted Sabina, her princess. The three pictures are still posted in her Instagram account. In an instant, those photographs created a buzz especially among her followers.

Creating controversy

What is wrong with those pictures? Those would surely draw controversy unless Barretto explains where and how she got the bruise. It is possible that speculations arise in attempts to explain the controversial pictures. Could it be that Barretto was beaten up?

Husband Raymart Santiago may not have anything to do with it, especially because it is a common knowledge that the couple is currently living in two separate houses. During the last week of April, Inday, Barretto’s mom confirmed reports that Santiago has left their conjugal residence. There is no news whether he has returned home ever since.

Barretto has been using Instagram to make insinuations about her life these days. In the first part of April, she posted a picture of herself with Sabina while they were cleaning Santiago’s Porsche. It insinuated then that she did not sell the Porsche as sister Gretchen implied at the height of the sisters’ social network feud.

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Claudine Barretto Posts Pictures with her Bruised Face

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