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Ai Ai Delas Alas Draws Criticisms After Bringing PSG Security In A Court Hearing

For the last several weeks, Ai Ai delas Alas has drawn controversy after splitting up with husband Jed Salang. The separation was widely talked about because delas Alas claimed to be a victim of verbal, emotional, and physical abuse. She also disclosed that Salang turned too materialistic in the relationship.

While it seemed that she has earned more sympathy than Salang, the situation may have overturned. Now, delas Alas is incurring criticisms after she showed up in a court-hearing escorted by several members of the Presidential Security Group (PSG). That caused raised brows, especially of many concerned citizens.

Last June 19, delas Alas and Salang faced off when they both appeared in a court hearing at the Quezon City Regional Trial Court. This was in line with her petition to restrain Salang from getting near her again. News about delas Alas coming with PSG members immediately spread across the social media, where she is being criticized up to now.

PSG as security

What could be her intention? For sure, delas Alas wanted to shock her estranged husband. Or it could be that she really fears him and what he could do, that she opted to seek protection from the most reliable security personnel paid by Philippine taxpayers’ money.

But the more important question should be, ‘Who gave her PSG protection?’ It can be recalled that several weeks ago, speculations already surfaced that she was assigned PSG personnel as she tries to protect herself from Salang. But after a few days, in a press conference, delas Alas vehemently denied the issue and dismissed it as merely a rumor.

Delas Alas even disclosed that she hired a group of private security group to be with her at all times for at least 6 months. Now, the rumor is being revived. Did President Aquino really gave her protection through PSG? Was it Kris Aquino, one of delas Alas’ ‘friendships’ in show business who is instrumental in finalizing the security arrangements for delas Alas?

Many critics assert that the military has much better things to do. They question the reason behind this new, if ever it is true. Is delas Alas facing the biggest problem compared to the problems of all our needy countrymen who need protection more than her? Delas Alas, Kris, and Malacañang should immediately release a logical and persuasive explanation for this.

Delas Alas and Salang are at odds with each other now. They just got married in Las Vegas last March 3. In April 4, the two decided to end their relationship. Delas Alas has graced media interviews to talk about her recent ordeal with a man. For his part, Salang has chosen to remain mum.

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Ai Ai delas Alas Draws Criticisms After Bringing PSG Security in a Court Hearing

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