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Kim Chiu’s Dad Explains Why She Has To Fly To Thailand Despite Mom's Death

William Chiu, Jr., Kim Chiu’s father has come out to defend the Kapamilya prime actress against detractors who accuse her of being an ingrate daughter. Mr. Chiu explained that Kim has to fly to Thailand to shoot a TV commercial. He reiterated that Kim has no choice but to be a professional despite the recent loss of her mother.

Kim’s mother, Louella Yap Chiu died last June 23 due to an undisclosed type of cancer. She was 50 years old. According to reports, she died at a hospital in Cebu while under confinement. The family refrained from sharing other information about Mrs. Chiu’s demise.

On Wednesday (June 26), Kim took a flight to Thailand to shoot a commercial for Procter and Gamble. She was accompanied by her sister Lakam. Mr. Chiu said his daughter would attempt to convince the company and the advertising producers to let her immediately return home sooner so she could take more time to pay last respects to her deceased mom.

Mrs. Chiu’s burial is set on June 29 at Cempark in Cebu. Unfortunately, the burial date could not be re-scheduled because it is the best date to do so, according to the family’s feng shui adviser. If the remains would not be laid to rest on that date, the next best date for burial would be on July 5.

Harsh bashers

Many detractors and bashers criticized Kim across various social networking sites for continuing to do work despite her loss. Kim tried to respond online to defend herself against such bashers. But those critics seem undeterred no matter how she explains.

This is why Mr. Chiu decided to step forward to protect her daughter. He revealed that Kim recently left Cebu to be on the commercial shoot with a very heavy heart. He added that the death of her mother was most painful to Kim because she was her mom’s favorite.

Moreover, the defensive father wants to clear her daughter from allegations that she never cared for her ill mom. He disclosed that Kim and the family only learned about Mrs. Chiu’s whereabouts when she fell into a coma. Mrs. Chiu reportedly told her caretakers not to inform her children about her condition so they would not worry too much.

Flying to Cebu every now and then

However, her caretakers decided to contact the family when she was comatosed. Mr. Chiu recalled that Kim immediately went to Cebu to visit her mother when she learned about the latter’s condition. He continued that Kim took flights almost on a daily basis since then. In some instances, she would arrive in dawn only to return to Manila after just a few hours to resume work. After completing her commitments, she would immediately fly back to Cebu.

Mr. Chiu also revealed that according to their relatives, Kim would spend time to talk to her mom while the latter was confined in the hospital’s intensive care unit. Kim did so as if her mom could really listen. Kim, he added, wanted to help her mom recover so she (the mom) could move in with her in Manila.

Kim’s parents separated before she entered show business via Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition years ago. Kim and her siblings were left to the care of their grandmother (father’s side) in Cebu. Mr. Chiu recently reunited with his kids after losing communication for more than 5 years. He is now living in Mindoro with his new wife and their kids. Meanwhile, Kim and her siblings were not given the chance to reunite and communicate again with their mom.

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Kim Chiu’s Dad Explains Why She has to Fly to Thailand Despite Mom's Death

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