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William Chiu Jr. Defends Daughter Kim Chiu, Says She Did Care For Her Mother

William Chiu Jr. is standing up for her daughter Kim Chiu.

After rumors started surfacing that the actress did not really care for her mother, the older Chiu has come out to refute these reports.

According to William, her daughter would spend the last six days her mother Louella was alive flying to Cebu from Manila just to be there for her mother who was in a coma.

“She would arrive at dawn and return to Manila in the morning for work and back again here in Cebu,” William told the Philippine Daily Inquirer in an interview.

The actress’s father also revealed that every time Kim was at her mother’s side, she would talk to her.

“Once you are okay, I will bring you to Manila and stay in my house. You will take care of me there. So, get well soon,” Kim would say, according to William.

Kim is said to have been searching for her mother for years now. She only found her mother when she was already in a coma.

William said that Kim was still very young when he and Louella separated. This is why Kim grew up with her paternal grandparents while Louella disappeared.

It turns out that the coma and her mother’s illness was sort of like a curse and a blessing at the same time. Kim would never have found her mother if she did not slip into a coma, William revealed.

According to William, Louella did not wish to be found by her family. She was ill and in fact had her legs fail her some time ago but told those caring for her that they should not contact Kim and William.

William said that Louella was scheduled for a surgery when two veins in her brain burst, an event medically called an aneurysm, which resulted in her slipping into a coma.

Louella’s caretaker only called Kim when she was already unable to shoulder her medical expenses.

Chiu, who has been in Manila since joining “Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition”, immediately flew to go to her mother in Cebu where she grew up, the Inquirer report said.

Meanwhile, William said that Kim is trying to stay strong for her family and the people close to her but finds it hard to accept that the last days she spent with her mother were days when her mother was already in a coma.

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William Chiu Jr. Defends Daughter Kim Chiu, Says She Did Care For Her Mother

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