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Robin Padilla Hints Acceptance Of ‘Sister’ BB Gandanghari

Last week, BB Gandanghari, formerly Rustom Padilla, vented out his sentiments about how his younger brother Robin Padilla still does not fully approve of his decision to live like a woman. He revealed that he often feels uninvited in various family gatherings because of his ‘status.’

This was in line with Robin’s stance on his past media interviews. The controversial ‘bad boy’ of Philippine showbiz once said that he would never learn to accept Rustom’s decision. He reiterated that he would never acknowledge BB Gandanghari as the new Rustom.

But he repeatedly clarified that his love for his brother would always remain. He is just not into the transformation, which he implied had shocked him and his family. Robin even disclosed that if a movie with his brother would push through, he would prefer to work with Rustom, not BB.

Instagram post

Now, after quite some time, Robin’s heart may have finally softened for his estranged brother. In his Instagram account, Robin posted a photograph of son Ali playing with his brother. BB was hospitalized due to a severe case of infection. In that picture, taken and posted on July 1, BB was lying in the hospital bed while nephew Ali is playing with him.

According to Robin’s caption, his son Ali was showing off his boxing moves to his ‘sister, BB Gandanghari.’ He recalled that when they were kids (Robin and BB), BB would beat him up physically. Robin was proud that even if BB is sick, his right cross remains as fast as before, to the surprise of his son.

Many of Robin’s followers felt happy about this post. They noted that Robin finally acknowledged BB. He even addressed him as ‘her.’ To many people, this may imply that the controversial action star is finally learning to accept the preferred sexuality of his brother. His Instagram post drew numerous raves and admiration.

Firm stance

Since Rustom ‘came out’ about his gender orientation in 2006, Robin has been vocal about his disapproval to his brother’s move. After his admission about his being gay, Rustom had been alienated by the family. He did not show up on family gatherings. He lost communication with his brothers. But he remained in touch with some of their sisters.

The Padilla family got the shock of their lives when Rustom went to the US and came back in 2008. Right then, the big transformation became evident. It was then that Rustom announced the death of ‘Rustom’ and the incarnation of ‘BB Gandanghari.’ He got the rounds of various showbiz talk shows in all networks.

Last week, BB disclosed that among the Padilla clan, it was only Robin who has remained firm about his non-acceptance of BB. According to the gay celebrity, even his brothers Royette and Rommel have already accepted his decision, to his surprise.

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Robin Padilla Hints Acceptance of ‘Sister’ BB Gandanghari

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