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Joshua Aquino Joins Kris And Bimby For A Commercial

When he received his talent fee for the San Marino Tuna commercial, the first thing that Kris Aquino's oldest son, Joshua, did was to ask his mother to give some of it to their drivers, cooks and housemaids.

That is how generous and pure-hearted Joshua is, Kris said in an email from Singapore, where she spent weeks with her two kids to celebrate Joshua's 18th birthday. They also visited Malaysia. The celebration was aired on "Kris TV."

Joshua isn't much in the limelight as his younger brother, Bimby. He also had a relatively peaceful childhood compared with Bimby, who is now in the middle of a custody battle.

Joshua is Kris' son with former partner, Philip Salvador, while Bimby is the son of cager James Yap. Joshua is also known to be very close to the late former President Corazon Aquino and to his uncle, President Benigno "Noynoy" Aquino III.

Whenever they travel, Kris said that Joshua loves saving his money, so he can buy gifts for their staff back home. Joshua is a special child who needs special attention, Kris admitted way back.

Now that he is part of the San Marino Tuna commercial, Kris' eldest son couldn't help but be excited about it especially since he will be working with his workout coaches--Coach Chappy Challanta and Coach Evan Grabador.

For health reasons, Joshua had to lose pounds and watch his diet. Ever since he started working out, Kris said her son already lost 120 pounds and his waistline dropped from 46 inches to just 36 inches.

Bimby is usually the star of their commercials but in this case, the commercial would focus on his Kuya Joshua. Kris said this is not a problem for Bimby, who is all too willing to support his brother. He said, "Of course, Mama, because he's my Kuya and I love Kuya so much."

Kris is very proud of his son's discipline when it comes to reaching his ideal weight. When he did, Kris went into a shopping spree and bought an entirely new wardrobe for her son from American Eagle. A long-time endorser of Filipino brand Bench, Ben Chan told Kris it's hard for him to send Joshua clothes already because he practically has the entire collection.

The reason for Joshua's new healthy lifestyle is the motivation instilled by Coach Chappy, Kris said. Now, Joshua stays away from softdrinks, bottled and canned juices. He just eats desserts during weekends.

Every day, Joshua eats fruits and cereal for breakfast, salad, miso soup and grilled chicken fillet or tuna for lunch, fruits for merienda and soup, stir-fried vegetables and lean meat/fish/chicken for dinner.

"Disposition, behavior and confidence have shown a marked improvement."

Kris' only wish for her family is that for her two sons to remain as close as they are now. The two kids are into music--Joshua into piano and Bimby into drums. Kris said she is saving for them, so they can have a financially secure future.

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Joshua Aquino Joins Kris And Bimby For A Commercial

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