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Benjie Paras Says He Does Not Advice His Sons To Hate Their Mother

Benjie Paras is vehemently denying accusations that he is brainwashing his sons to hate their mother, his ex-wife Jackie Forster. The former PBA star clarified that he has not advised his sons Andre and Kobe to refrain from seeing their biological mom, Forster, who is now living with her new family in the US.

Paras is also living with his new wife Lyxen. They have two younger children. Andre (18 years old) and Kobe (17 years old) are now living with them. Paras reiterated that his new wife treats his sons with Forster as her own. He said proof to this is the love his sons are showing to their stepmother.

Two weeks ago, Forster cried foul after her sons’ live guest appearance in GMA-7 talkshow ‘Startalk.’ Through her social networking account, she expressed her disappointment about how her sons behaved in the interview conducted by Joey de Leon and Lolit Solis, Paras’ current manager.

Hurt by the interview

Forster revealed that she opted not to watch the interview because her friends warned her that she would not like it. But she said her friends relayed the message loud and clear. She learned that her sons don’t like to see her. They were even asking to take ‘space’ from her. To this, Forster immediately reacted and cried out loud for the feeling of betrayal and rejection.

She turned to accuse people around her sons of influencing the two teenagers to turn their backs on her. She also did not like her sons’ statement that they had a traumatic experience from her. In her showbiz column in a daily tabloid, Solis hinted that the boys were traumatized when they were once taken by their mom to Boracay only to witness how Forster allegedly partied hard and flirted with other men.

Benjie speaks

In the press conference for ABS-CBN’s upcoming primetime series ‘Got to Believe,’ where he is part of the cast, Paras explained that he does not advise his sons to turn their backs on their mom. He clarified that his sons are already smart and mature enough to make decisions on their own.

He even expressed disappointment on how many people are making the issue worse through posting their comments on various social networking sites. He reiterated that kids these days could think on their own without any intervention or influence from any adult.

Paras admitted that he was also caught by surprise about how his sons talked about Forster on national television. He revealed that immediately after the interview, he approached his sons and told them that what they said was wrong. He has since advised the teens to just politely say ‘no comment’ whenever asked by showbiz reporters about issues that they have strong opinions about.

He even revealed that he and his new wife talked to Andre and Kobe about the matter. He disclosed that several years ago, they even brought the two to a child psychiatrist to assess their feelings. Later on, he acknowledged how Forster is feeling, noting that parents would naturally feel bad if their children dishonor them.

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Benjie Paras Says He Does not Advice His Sons to Hate their Mother

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