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Karla Estrada Denies Son Daniel's Alleged Drinking Problem

Karla Estrada, mother of teen star Daniel Padilla, denies allegations that her son has a drinking problem. Reports came out lately that Padilla performed drunk while performing in a concert attended by 20,000 fans.

Firstly, Estrada said there was no such concert attended by 20,000 of Padilla's fans. Secondly, there was no such incident wherein her son performed while under the influence of alcohol.

Besides, the comeback singer said she will never allow Padilla to turn into a drunkard. At home, she usually tells her son not to offend anyone now that he is making a name for himself.

She said she will be the first one to discipline her son if such an incident happened. Of course, Estrada said she doesn't want to curtail Padilla's freedom too much.

Estrada said her son has helped numerous people in their lives, but she doesn’t want to reveal them since it might look like they are bragging.

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Karla Estrada Denies Son Daniel's Alleged Drinking Problem

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