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Dad Denies Reports That JM De Guzman Turned Into A Beggar

The series of intrigues seem not to cease for JM de Guzman, who is now on a showbiz hiatus due to ‘health conditions.’ Recently, his father, Ronniel de Guzman, came out for an interview again to clarify some new issues that are being raised against his son.

This time, Mr. de Guzman dismissed reports that JM was recently sighted wandering in the streets to beg for transportation money. This report bothered the hurting father of the controversial actor. In an interview with showbiz columnist Ricky Lo, Mr. de Guzman clarified that JM is not ‘dirt poor’ these days although he is also not as well-off as when he was active in the business.

Mr. de Guzman pointed out that JM still has personal savings in his own bank account. That amount is apart from the savings Star Magic keeps for the actor. The father revealed that the talent management arm of ABS-CBN makes it a point to deduct 10% of JM’s earnings and keep the amount to his own savings account, maintained by the agency at a BDO branch.

JM may not be able to withdraw any amount from that account without the full consent of Johnny Manahan, Star Magic’s head. JM’s father is thankful about this strategy of Star Magic to help its talents save money.

Not a breadwinner

Furthermore, Mr. de Guzman reiterated that JM’s earnings from all his showbiz commitments are completely his own. He pointed out that JM has never been the family’s breadwinner. He has never asked his son to support the family in any point of their lives.

Mr. de Guzman also revealed that JM recently purchased a new car. Thus, he said his son would not need to go out on the streets to beg for transportation money. The defensive father emphasized that JM could go around town riding his own private car.

Hopeful father

By the end of the interview, Mr. de Guzman hopes JM would soon recover from his ‘health condition.’ He disclosed that his son’s condition is not yet stable but is getting better each day. He expects JM to rebound and come back to showbiz by December.

The loving father is sure that JM would answer all these intrigues one by one the moment he returns to the business. He hopes JM would be a better man after he emerges from this situation.

JM was recently replaced by Rocco Nacino in a movie that would depict the life of newly ordained Filipino saint, St. Pedro Calungsod. The movie is supposed to be among the entries to this year’s Metro Manila Film Festival. Last week, reports surfaced that JM was admitted into a drug rehabilitation center in Tagaytay City. Mr.de Guzman told reporters last week that his son is now in Australia for a much deserved ‘break.’

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Dad Denies Reports That JM De Guzman Turned into A Beggar

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