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Claudine Barretto Claims Estranged Husband Raymart Santiago Keeps ‘Traumatic Video’

Controversy seems to be a staple for Claudine Barretto. Even if she has voluntarily subjected herself to a two-year hiatus from show business, she has remained in showbiz headlines for various issues. Now, she is facing another controversy following her separation from husband Raymart Santiago.

Claudine recently faced the showbiz press at last and agreed to do short interviews. But she has opted to answer only a few of the issues that have been tagged along her name. In the recent birthday celebration of her daughter Sabina, Claudine invited several showbiz reporters. As expected, those guests asked for even a brief interview, which she generously granted.

In the short conversation with the showbiz press, Claudine has confirmed that husband Raymart Santiago does not live in their house anymore. This was already confirmed by her mother Inday Barretto last April. But showbiz reporters had to hear it straight from the horse’s mouth. Claudine said she was clueless why Santiago did not show up on the occasion.

She revealed that Santiago occasionally visits their kids Sabina and Santino. She also disclosed that the two of them still talk to each other but not about their relationship. Instead, they talk about their children and how they could still perform their duties as parents even if they are not together.

Video scandal

Showbiz reporters who prefer to scoop new controversies did not go home empty handed that night. No, they did not receive envelopes or gifts from the beleaguered actress. To their delight, they have unearthed another controversy, which Claudine unveiled herself.

During the interview with the press, Claudine revealed that she is worried because Santiago allegedly keeps a scandalous video of her, which may traumatize not just her (Claudine) but also her two children. She said she has disclosed this to the press to prevent Santiago from possibly leaking it to the public.

Claudine refused to describe the nature of the video. But she assured that the public would know if it leaks online. Now that she has revealed its existence, Claudine is certain that only Santiago will have the capability to share it to other people. Thus, she reiterated that if the video leaks, it would just be Santiago who is to be blamed.

More curious

Since that night, showbiz reporters have become more curious about this latest development in the unending saga in Claudine’s life. What could be in that video? How traumatic is it? Why would their children be so much affected if ever that video is leaked to the public?

Claudine has disclosed that she is set to make her big showbiz comeback this year. She is scheduled to do two movies, one for Viva and the other for Star Cinema. However, she would still finalize terms of the deals to determine which of the two would be filmed and shown first.

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Claudine Barretto Claims Estranged Husband Raymart Santiago Keeps ‘Traumatic Video’

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