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Rico J. Puno Reconciles With Willie Revillame

In show business, just like in politics, there is no permanent enemy. Indeed, showbiz personalities know this because in reality, they are running in circles. To some of them, those circles seem small. Such is the case of comedian-singer Rico J. Puno and TV host Willie Revillame.

It is an open knowledge that the two had been close friends in the past. Puno had been tapped frequently as a guest in Revillame’s past shows ‘Wowowee’ in ABS-CBN and ‘Willing Willie’ in TV5. But things have changed when Puno was hired by ABS-CBN in 2012 to host the defunct noontime show ‘Happy Yipee Yehey.’

Back then, Revillame had been vocal about his disgust over his close friends who have agreed to do the show. He revealed that he was supposed to produce a TV5 noontime show for Randy Santiago and John Estrada. But he was surprised to know that his two buddies had signed a contract with ABS-CBN to do the show.

Thus, one of the show’s hosts, Puno, had been reactive about Revillame’s open tirades about the show. He had teased Revillame on air and openly intended to annoy his friend. Their gap did not need to be formal. For quite some time, Revillame and Puno had not met eye-to-eye.

Big surprise

Last Saturday (July 6), ‘Wowowille’ audiences were surprised when Puno had a live guesting on the noontime show. Nobody thought he would be able to set foot on the show’s stage again. The appearance was done in jest because Revillame announced the name of Daniel Padilla but Puno was the one who came out.

It seemed that Revillame and Puno have patched things up. Insiders thought their gap would not last long. To people who know them better, the two comedian hosts have been through many issues in the past that their recent rift would fall somehow petty in comparison. It was not surprising to them that the two have learned to easily forgive and forget.

How they reconciled

Not known to many, the reconciliation between Revillame and Puno happened before last Saturday’s noontime show episode. It was Thursday (July 4) when the two men met again for the first time in about two years. Witnesses saw how they both hugged each other tightly without uttering any word.

The reconciliation happened at Wil’s Events Place in Quezon City, which is owned by Revillame. Puno had to come for an important meeting with several concert organizers, along with Ogie Alcasid and Regine Velasquez. It was then that Revillame and Puno saw each other. In an instant, the two approached each other and hugged.

Many observers noted that Puno’s appearance in ‘Wowowillie’ boosted the energy of the live audience that day. To them, the comedian-host has successfully maintained his knack for being a total entertainer. Before reconciling with Puno, Revillame has also reconciled with Santiago and Estrada.

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Rico J. Puno Reconciles with Willie Revillame

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