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Carmina Villaroel Gets A Surprise To Work With Another ‘Padilla’

She was surprised at first but it is no big deal for Carmina Villaroel to be working with another ‘Padilla’ in her latest project. She would depict the role of Daniel Padilla’s mother in the upcoming ABS-CBN primetime series ‘Got to Believe.’

It is a common knowledge in the local biz that Villaroel was once married to Rustom Padilla, the uncle of Daniel, ages ago. That marriage came and ended long before Rustom decided to ‘come out’ about his real sexuality. Today, he is more known as the gay personality BB Gandanghari.

Moved on

Villaroel has yet to meet Rustom as BB after many years. In the past, she had consistently refused to make any comment about Rustom’s drastic decision. However, in the past year, she has been vocal that she is now comfortable talking about her ex-husband in public. She is also open to be finally meeting and interviewing BB for her talkshow.

She is now happily married to Zoren Legaspi. The couple tied the knot last year, many years after living in together. They have been blessed with a set of twins, Cassy and Maverick, who are nearly teenagers. The family is among the most popular product endorsers in TV these days.

Meanwhile, BB has been gracing the limelight since he changed his personality. Just last week, he has finally patched things up with his brother Robin Padilla, who used to firm about his stance not to acknowledge BB as a replacement for Rustom.

Surprised for godson

Meanwhile, another surprise came to Villaroel while taping for the new TV series. She has just recently learned that Daniel is actually her godson. She revealed that she did not know about this until they started taping for the new show.

Villaroel recalled that she used to be amazed why Karla Estrada would always call her ‘kumare’ whenever they would meet. She admitted that she was not aware that Daniel is actually one of her numerous godsons. She is now proud being a godmother to a very popular teen actor.

In an interview, Villaroel apologized to Daniel for all those years that she has not given him any gift whenever there is occasion. In jest, she teased Daniel who was there beside her during the session, that she could only afford to give hugs and kisses since her godchild is now earning more than her.

‘Got to Believe’ would be a follow-up project for the loveteam of Daniel and Kathryn Bernardo. The two first made waves through their former primetime soap ‘Princess and I.’ The TV series would soon air at ABS-CBN.

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Carmina Villaroel Gets a Surprise to Work with another ‘Padilla’

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