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Jackie Forster Apologizes To Sons Andre And Kobe

It is through a music video that former actress Jackie Forster apologized to her sons, Andre and Kobe. In the video, she expressed how sorry she is for the times her sons thought she was selfish. She also said she fought to have her rights back as their mother.

It can be remembered that Benjie Paras, Forster's former husband, got full custody of their sons when their annulment was granted. Forster was only able to see Andre and Kobe during weekends.

However, many were surprised when both Andre and Kobe, who are aiming to enter showbiz, said in an interview that they want some space from their mother. They said they were traumatized by the times they spent with her when she was still in their lives.

Forster now lives in the United States with her new husband.

Through the music video she posted on social networking sites, she hopes her two sons can finally forgive her. Forster used Adele's song "Don't You Remember" while photos of her and her sons' happier times together flashed on screen.

In the video, the former actress included the message she wants her two sons to know. She said she tried to write Andre and Kobe many times, so she can give it to them in the future. She wants them to "find in their hearts" the strength to remember their good times and forgive her for the times she was selfish.

Forster argued she was only 16 years old when she had Andre, and 18 when she had Kobe. Back then, she didn't know any better, and did what she was asked to do.

Although she never referred to anyone, Forster said she wishes "they" could have told Andre and Kobe that she tried to call and see them when she was in the Philippines "but to no avail."

“I hope you are strong enough to let me back in your life. Wise enough to know who I am and how much I would do for you both. You will never know how much I’ve done just to try to get you guys back."

Forster added she hopes she could have watched them grow up instead of just looking at their photos. She said she never tried to hurt the both of them, especially when they were five and seven years old.

Reports said Andre and Kobe were traumatized by the things Forster did when they were just little such as leaving them alone in a hotel room in Boracay, so she can party with men. Paras never said anything about the matter, and maintained that it was Andre and Kobe who didn't want to see their mother.

"I am sorry that I showed you otherwise. I only wish the people who helped raise you constantly reminded you both that I love you. They should have spoken to me about concerns before I was just shut out. I think It was-—is all unfair."

Forster insisted that she never abandoned Andre and Kobe. She gave her two sons the space they asked from her back in 2005. It has been eight years since Forster last saw her two sons, and she was able to build her own family in that period of time, she said.

"I think that’s enough time and space my loves. Please forgive me. I want to show you I am a Great Mother. And have so much to give you both now that I am the right age and almost complete."

In the message, Forster said she wants to teach Andre and Kobe the life lessons she has learned from her past. She wants to guide them and lead them to a better life; one where they will be able to hang out with friends and look back on their past.

The former actress asked for a second chance to show she is a good mother, and that she loves her two sons with Paras. "I will fight for you two now that I am wise enough to know better."

At the end of the video, she included a biblical scripture, saying there is a "time for peace and a time to love."

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Jackie Forster Apologizes To Sons Andre And Kobe

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