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Lack Of Challenge Leads Phillip Salvador To Turn Down Roles

What actor Phillip Salvador has been seeking in projects these days is the challenge of doing the role. He admitted to turning down a dozen of projects because he doesn't like the roles offered to him.

There is no use to do a project when you are not happy with it, the actor said, adding that the production will also suffer if he won't be able to bring justice to the roles.

But for TV5's "Undercover," Salvador is only too happy to play the contrabida to Derek Ramsay's character. He said the first time he saw the script, he immediately approved it because it is challenging for him.

The 59-year-old actor has been in numerous acclaimed projects under the direction of the late Lino Brocka. Some of these were "Jaguar," "Bona," "Cain at Abel," "Bayan Ko: Kapit sa Patalim" and "Orapronobis."

For "Undercover," Salvador said it doesn't matter if he will play a contrabida as long as he will help in making the project better.

The actor is a non-exclusive artist, meaning any network can tap his talents. He said no one has offered to make him an exclusive artist yet, and it would be an honor if TV5 will offer him such contract.

Salvador is also open to doing independent films since he will learn a lot from them. In fact, it doesn't even matter if they couldn't pay his talent fee as long as the script is good. All he needs is gas allowance, he said, and he would be good to go.

Besides, the actor wants to be directed by old and new directors since it's like going back to school for him. He advised independent productions before getting afraid of approaching him because he might ask for an exorbitant talent fee to show him the script first.

He loves his craft that much to give a chance to young directors who are only starting in the industry. "For you to grow, to be better, you have to be handled by different directors at may matututunan ka sa bawat isa sa kanila."

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Lack Of Challenge Leads Phillip Salvador To Turn Down Roles

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