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Angelica Panganiban Reacts To Online Bashers

Angelica Panganiban already learned how not to mind the online haters and bashers posting negative comments about her on Instagram. She has been in the showbiz industry for long that she already knows how to react to such things.

She just doesn't mind them at all, she said. Since she is more mature now, she already knows how to handle such things.

Panganiban said her boyfriend, John Lloyd Cruz, is also a big influence on how calm she is in handling bashers and haters. He always tells her not to mind them and to just go on with her day when she feels irritated by something.

The actress said she doesn't read all the comments posted against her since there are so many of them. If she did read one or two posts, she finds it funny and laughable. In fact, she wonders why there are some people who are acting that way.

When it comes to her relationship with Cruz, the actress understands why there are people who are out to ruin their moods. They are simply too happy, Panganiban said, that it forces other people to hate them and say bad things about them.

In the end, the actress simply hopes that these bashers and haters would find their own "happiness" and sense of life, so they wouldn't need to resort to following her on Instagram and ruining her mood.

She finds it funny as well that these people still follow her on Instagram even though they apparently "hate" her. If they really don't like seeing her pictures, they should have just unfollowed her, Panganiban said.

The actress said that she will just post more pictures of herself to irritate such haters more. Recently, she posted a photo of her and Cruz with the caption: "Helloooooo!!! Are you guys happy or feelin’ being a hater? Were used to it!! Hahahaha! We invested sooo much happiness.. So please make sure , we’ll get affected sa haters :)”

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Angelica Panganiban Reacts To Online Bashers

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