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Paul Soriano Wants Wedding With Girlfriend Toni Gonzaga Soon

"Sooner than later." That is how director Paul Soriano described the timeline of his wedding plans with girlfriend Toni Gonzaga. Although the two has no concrete plans yet to wed, the director said he would like to think he will soon marry the actress.

He admitted Gonzaga doesn't want to talk too much about getting married in the future, but the director has always been very vocal about wanting to settle down.

The actress has asked the director to wait for a couple of more years before they can begin planning their wedding. Gonzaga has showbiz commitments that do not allow her to get married right at the moment.

Soriano said he is currently saving for his future with Gonzaga. And although they have been together for six years, he admitted there were still some ups and downs in their relationship.

However, he said their years of being together have already taught them how to cope with each other's issues. He said the toughest in their relationship was the first two years because everyone was interested to know more about them.

Soriano is a very private person who works behind the camera while Gonzaga is a public personality. But through the years, they have grown accustomed to each other's family, work, friends, etc.

The director said everything is calm between the two of them now. For example, Gonzaga is doing a movie with Piolo Pascual, disabling them to see each other frequently. That's okay with the director because he understands that work has to come first.

When it comes to the issue of jealousy, Soriano said Gonzaga has never been a jealous girlfriend. For the past six years, the director said he might be the one who gets jealous because of time.

Sometimes, the director wants to see his girlfriend but her job has too many demands. But he understands that now, Soriano said.

Being a good-looking director, sources said artists who work with Soriano were more motivated to go to the set early and work harder because they find the director charming.

Soriano said he must thank his grandfather, Nestor de Villa, and father, Jeric Soriano, for the good genes. He added he would appreciate it more if people will watch the movies he makes instead of just focusing on his looks.

Asked if he ever wanted to be in front of the camera, Soriano said he never came close to wanting to be an actor. He's really more of a filmmaker, he added.

Soriano is now producing a film entitled "Transit" with Jasmine Curtis-Smith, Irma Idlawan, Mercedes Cabral and Marc Justine Alvarez. He decided not to direct this film since it was written by Hannah Espia, who he trusts more to make the film.

The renowned commercial director established a new studio--10-7-P--after the success of the film, "Thelma" in 2011. He decided to produce Espia's story because he believed in the plotline--the deportation of the children of OFWs from Israel.

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Paul Soriano Wants Wedding With Girlfriend Toni Gonzaga Soon

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