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BB Gandanghari Reacts To AIDS Rumors; Says She Has Been Single For 15 Years

BB Gandanghari said it is unfair for her to be rumored to be suffering from AIDS since she has been single for the past 15 years. Also, she isn't exactly a promiscuous gay.

She would rather have a real relationship than change partners all the time, the former Rustom Padilla said. Besides, she doesn't go as much and people can attest to that. Gandanghari said she just hangs out with friends sometimes.

The stage actress-model is now more open to discuss her relationships since she has been accepted by her younger brother, Robin, already. Also, she just survived a fatal urinary tract infection and was hospitalized for days.

While in the hospital, Robin and his son Ali visited her. She felt how her brother finally accepted her, and even asked Ali to call her "Auntie BB."

She has often told her mother, Eva Carino, how lonely it is to be alone. Fifteen years, after all, is such a long time to be alone. Gandanghari spent much of the past decade in the United States where she has finally learned to accept who she really is.

She went back to participate in the "Pinoy Big Brother Celebrity Edition." While there, she admitted to housemate Keana Reeves the truth about her sexuality.

Now that she is finally out in the open, Gandanghari said she wants to take her time in finding a partner. Of course, BB has only been in existence for the past four years, so she's just getting the hang of things.

Gandanghari said she wants someone who can "take me to paradise" because then, she will feel relaxed and calm all the time. She wants someone who can be her partner even during the bad times.

She was also asked about her take on the GMA-7 popular show "My Husband's Lover." Gandanghari said it was a "well-crafted, well-directed, well-written and well-acted" show.

It also perfectly summarized the struggles closet gays have to live through. She frowned upon the criticisms of the Catholic Church against the program, and said they also have their own issues such as pedophilia.

"My Husband's Lover" spoke a lot of the truth regarding gay men. He said the characters in the show--Vincent and Eric--are both straight-acting gay men as opposed to other kinds of gay such as queer, transgender or transsexual and bisexuals.

Gandanghari clarified a rumor that spread when he was still Rustom about joining a gay beauty contest. She said that was not true. Even the rumor that she had a flight attendant boyfriend was not true, as well, she said. Gandanghari insisted that Rustom is dead and issues about that part of her should not be revived.

Gandanghari admitted who her showbiz crushes are. Aside from Paulo Avelino, she also has her eyes on Dennis Trillo and Filipino-Canadian model Paolo Roldan.

She said she prefers athletic men like basketball players.

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BB Gandanghari Reacts To AIDS Rumors; Says She Has Been Single For 15 Years

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