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Vina Morales Agrees To Play The Mother Of ‘Maria Mercedes’

Vina Morales would reprise the role of Magnolia, the mother of the lead character in the Filipino adaptation of the hit Mexican telenovela ‘Maria Mercedes.’ In that role, she would be playing the imprisoned mother of Maria Mercedes, to be played by 20-year-old Jessy Mendiola.

This would not be the first time Morales agreed to depict the role of a mother. She had already done several of those in ABS-CBN. She played mother roles in the soap operas ‘Maria Flor de Luna,’ ‘May Isang Pangarap’ and ‘Agua Bendita.’ However, she revealed that this would be the first time she is playing a mom to a 20-year-old character.

Morales is confident that her director would handle the job well. She disclosed that she once hesitated to do the role because she may still look too young to have a 20-year-old daughter, which is just about the age of her younger sister Shaina Magdayao. But she thinks she can very well give justice to the role.

Good director

Morales is pleased to be finally working for the first time with ace director Chito Roño. She revealed that she has been amazed so far at how the good director has been effective in extracting emotions from her especially during highly dramatic scenes. According to Morales, Roño has a special technique in making his actors internalize their roles.

She is also happy to be working for the first time with Mendiola. The Kapamilya actress revealed that they would have scenes wherein they would use the Waray dialect. That was necessary because in the story, Magnolia would come from the province.

Mother in real life

Morales said she did not hesitate taking mother roles because she is a mother herself. She is currently raising her daughter Ceana single handedly. She admits that she is finding it difficult to live up to the challenges of being a single mother.

However, she is proud to say that she has been doing it well for more than four years now. Morales revealed that she draws strength and emotional support from her own family, who has never left her no matter what happened.

For Morales, her daughter is still her No. 1 priority these days. She thinks motherhood has prompted her to work harder and to work more professionally. For her, she could do anything just to make sure she is securing the future of her daughter.

‘Maria Mercedes’ would be one of the upcoming TV series to be unveiled soon by ABS-CBN. The original series was played by Thalia in Mexico way back 1992. The telenovela was aired in ABS-CBN in 1996, at the height of the popularity of another Thalia series ‘Marimar,’ which was then aired over RPN-9. Mendiola and Morales would be joined by Jake Cuenca, who would play the leading man to the lead character.

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Vina Morales Agrees to Play the Mother of ‘Maria Mercedes’

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