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Mom Reportedly Brought Home A Baby Before Sarah Lahbati Came From Switzerland

A few days before Sarah Lahbati came back to Manila from Switzerland, her mother reportedly arrived at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport carrying a cute baby boy. Rumors have it that the baby was the love child of Lahbati and boyfriend Richard Gutierrez. The infant could not be a nephew because Lahbati is an only child.

Mrs. Estrella Lahbati allegedly flew back home via Etihad Airways. According to reports, she took a business class flight along with the supposed cute baby boy. Speculations have emerged that it could be part of the plot to keep the secret about the young actress’ discreet pregnancy and delivery in the European country.

These rumors were further intensified when Lahbati refused to answer any question regarding her alleged pregnancy courtesy of boyfriend Gutierrez. When asked about such an issue, Lahbati noticeably turned hostile towards reporters, emphasizing that she wants to stick with her current issue---facing lawsuits filed by GMA-7 executive Annette Gozon-Abrogar and the network itself.

Flying to the US

Taking from that gossip, Mrs. Estrella Lahbati is reportedly taking care of the baby now. She was allegedly left here in Manila when Lahbati decided to leave the country again earlier this week. Lahbati did not reveal her destination but there have been confirmed reports that she flew to San Francisco, California.

This latest trip is another mystery to observers who have been following the new developments in this saga. Lahbati was seen at the San Francisco airport with boyfriend Gutierrez and his parents Eddie Gutierrez and Anabelle Rama. It is not clear what the group is doing there. According to reports, Lahbati and Gutierrez would not return to the country until August.

Lahbati is set to file her legal complaints against Gozon-Abrogar when she returns from the US. Earlier this week, she called a press conference to talk about her cases. She revealed that she has filed lawsuits against Gozon-Abrogar. But later this week, her lawyer clarified that they have not yet filed any complaint in court. They only executed an affidavit containing Lahbati’s claims.

Unexpected arrival

Showbiz observers were surprised when Lahbati and Gutierrez arrived at the airport last Sunday (July 14) unannounced. The following day, Lahbati showed up in court to post bail on the charges she is facing. Her mug shots were featured in a news report aired over GMA News programs.

Many people were curious if Lahbati would show up with a heavy belly. But she did not. Rumors are persistent that she already delivered her baby before she came back home. Now, the hunt is on for her supposed baby. Are all these just plain and unfounded rumors?

Lahbati is not expected to resume her showbiz career yet because she is bound by her contract with GMA-7 until February 2015. For his part, Gutierrez is also in hiatus after his network contract was not renewed. He has decided to go freelance this time so he could work with other networks.

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Mom Reportedly Brought Home a Baby Before Sarah Lahbati Came from Switzerland

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