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Xian Lim Refers To Kim Chiu As Every Man's Dream Girl

Every man will see Kim Chiu as their ultimate dream girl, actor Xian Lim said, adding that the actress will always be special to him not only as an onscreen love interest but someone who means so much to him even off-screen.

Since the two of them starred in "My Binondo Girl" two years ago, they have been paired in teleseryes, commercials and various shows. Lim said he loved spending time with Chiu since he can get to know her more.

The actor also said he felt inspired by Chiu. Asked why he was not keen lately to pronounce his feelings for the actress, Lim argued his special feelings for the actress never went away.

The press was able to talk with the actor during the press conference for his first full-length movie with Chiu entitled "Bakit Hindi Ka Crush Ng Crush Mo?" The movie was based on the book of the same title written by Ramon Bautista, who is also part of the movie.

It will be shown by the end of this month. Lim said he feels pressured by how the viewers will respond to the movie. This is his first team up with Chiu in a movie. Also, this is the opportunity he has been waiting for a long time, Lim said.

Before he made the movie, Lim admitted to having no idea of who Bautista was. He then searched him on the Internet and found out the many things he has been involved with. He also found out Bautista calls himself the "Internet action star."

The day Lim first met Bautista, he said he was struck by how easygoing the author-professor-comedian is. He likes to tell jokes, Lim said of Bautista. But even though he wants to throw jokes around, the actor realized what a "genius" Bautista is.

No wonder many wants to take his classes in UP, Lim said. Bautista is a professor at the University of the Philippines.

The actor learned a lot from the movie. The book, Lim noticed, tackled how to love deeply and truly. Bautista would always tell in the book not to be afraid to fall in love.

Asked if there was also an instance in his life when his crush on someone was not reciprocated, Lim shared he had a crush on an American classmate when he was still living in the States but the girl didn't like him at all.

The actor is sure a lot of people will be able to relate to the movie.

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Xian Lim Refers To Kim Chiu As Every Man's Dream Girl

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