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Randy Santiago Talks About Raymart Santiago

“Nasa babae yun. Ang sikreto ng bawat relasyon, nasa babae.” You may agree or not that it is a very sexist statement. It came from Randy Santiago, who was talking about his enduring relationship with wife Malou. So, it was her who made the big sacrifices when he went through a phase wherein he was romantically involved with other women in and out of show business?

With that statement, you may predict what he had said when showbiz press people asked him about his thoughts regarding the failed marriage of his brother, the controversial Raymart Santiago. Of course, he hinted that Raymart was actually a supportive and loving husband to a troubled wife.

What did Randy and his family feel the moment they heard that Raymart was leaving wife Claudine Barretto? Randy hinted that the burden was lighter on their side since Raymart is a man. He said their immediate concern was for Claudine not to get hurt.

Gentleman brother

To this, Randy assured that as far as he knows his brother, Raymart doesn’t have the capability to hurt people, especially women. He does not believe showbiz insinuations that Claudine was a battered wife.

To make his point clearer, Randy even cited the controversial incident that involved Raymart and Ramon Tulfo at the NAIA Terminal 3 a year ago. Randy said Raymart does not hurt Claudine; he even protects her physically from other people who may try to hurt her. Randy gave clues that the Santiago clan felt bad about Raymart getting involved in such altercations, which according to him (Randy) is out of Raymart’s character.

Not meddling

Randy emphasized that as much as possible, he and his family would not interfere with Raymart’s marriage. They would not do anything to help the ex-couple patch things up. He revealed that they are in touch with some of Claudine’s relatives, particularly Inday Baretto, who, Randy said is okay with them.

If he could have it his way, he reiterated, he would never mediate between Raymart and Claudine. According to Randy, if the problem occurred in his own marriage, he would not like others, not even his family, to meddle into such affairs.

Where is Raymart?

If Raymart left his home, where could he be living these days? Randy revealed that Raymart does not keep a permanent address yet. He said he stays in his home for a while, before moving to Rowell’s house and then to their mom’s. Raymart goes around until he finally settles down and have a place of his own.

When asked about the video that Claudine claimed has traumatized her and their children, Randy said he has no idea what that could be. A few weeks ago, Claudine made that revelation in an attempt to stop Raymart and his camp from disseminating it in any form. But she refused to give details about what the video contains.

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Randy Santiago Talks about Raymart Santiago

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