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Picture Showing Gerald Anderson’s ‘Private Part’ Spreads Online

Last July 26, a local blog posted a picture of a man in a forest who looks like he is urinating. The man’s face was not shown because he looked like he was looking for something or someone from behind. It was indeed a sensual and sexy photograph because the man’s ‘private part’ was somehow erected. It was not clear if he was relieving himself or doing something else. But he was holding that part he was supposed to hide.

The controversy did not end there. What made it more intriguing and interesting was the blogger’s claim that it could be ABS-CBN actor Gerald Anderson. In that same blog post, the blog even posted another picture of Anderson flexing his muscles while in front of a mirror.

The blogger was insinuating that the two men in the pictures were one and the same---they were supposedly Anderson. The proof, the blog claimed, was there. The blogger encircled the bracelets that were in the arms of both men in the picture. The scandalous photo could more likely be showing Anderson, who looks like he had no idea he is being photographed. At one glance, anyone could easily identify the mystery man as Anderson because of the haircut, the bracelets, and body structure, and the outfit.

Next photo scandal

Not surprisingly, that photograph (also shown in this post but in a ‘cleaner’ version) went viral. And who would not take a glance at it when the posts claim that it is Anderson? It could be the next big photo scandal that may rock the show business. The experts are yet to verify if the controversial picture is authentic or not.

For sure, Anderson would deny that it was him. However, some observers think that he may remain mum about it. To them, he should even be happy and proud about that picture. ABS-CBN’s Star Magic, the agency that handles Anderson’s career, is yet to release a statement regarding this controversy. It is also not clear if it would dignify such an issue hurdled against one of its prime talents.

Keeping mum

To some people, this controversy could be an attempt to draw attention and create a buzz about Anderson. It could be noted that he is not very visible in showbiz these days. Anderson has remained low profile since the issue involving him and actress Maricel Soriano erupted. Soriano was kicked out of the TV series that they are supposed to do together just after a day of taping. It turned out that Soriano got irritated and turned a little physical on a confrontation scene that went real.

This is not the first time that a controversial actor got involved in such an issue. Years ago, still photos of Coco Martin from his indie movie ‘Serbis’ went viral. It showed his picture fully naked, showing his most private part, in full glory. Martin did not deny or confirm if that picture was real.

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Picture Showing Gerald Anderson’s ‘Private Part’ Spreads Online

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