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Ogie Alcasid Rushed To The Hospital

The past weeks must have been stressful for Ogie Alcasid. The singer-comedian was rushed to the hospital last Monday (July 29). He was confined at the Makati Medical Center in Makati City for a day to recover. He was also discharged yesterday (July 30).

After he was discharged, his family revealed his recent health condition. According to them, fans should not worry about Alcasid because his condition is stabilizing after failing for a while in the past day. His doctors revealed that all tests conducted on him so far rendered normal results.

What caused his short stint at the hospital? According to his doctors, Alcasid was dehydrated. This could have been caused by lack of water and juices especially when he is doing rigorous physical activities. The doctors advised him to drink more liquids especially when he is working out and performing active work.

The same medical condition is somehow close to what BB Gandanghari suffered a few weeks ago. According to BB, his doctors found that he was dehydrated especially because he has not been fond of drinking liquids while working out.

Worried wife

As expected, Alcasid’s loving wife, Regine Velasquez was there with him the whole time. It was Velasquez who accompanied him to the hospital when he did not feel well last Monday. His condition must have gone so bad for the couple to decide dropping by the hospital. Makati Medical Center is a hospital owned by Manny V. Pangilinan, the CEO of TV5, where Alcasid is reported to sign a network contract soon.

As of now, Alcasid is busy promoting his movie ‘Raketeros,’ which is touted as the comeback movie project of Quezon City Mayor Herbert Bautista. It also features Dennis Padilla with Randy Santiago as the director.

Silver anniversary concert

His focus is more centered at his upcoming silver anniversary concert to be held on August 16. It would be entitled ‘25: I Write the Songs.’ The event would be staged at the Mall of Asia Arena. PinoyStop has learned that Alcasid had been busy preparing for the show for many months now.

Alcasid and his doctors assured his fans that this medical situation would not affect his upcoming concert. The singer-comedian thanked his family and his followers who have prayed for him especially when he was sick for a couple of days.

Last year, Velasquez had to repeat her silver anniversary concert when she fell sick on the day of the event. It was the first time, according to her, that her voice failed her especially during an event. Her silver anniversary concert was re-staged by the end of the year.

Alcasid’s upcoming concert would feature up to 30 guests who would all perform with the singer-comedian. Alcasid assured his audience that the show would not last too long even if there would be too many guests. He is expected to sign an exclusive network contract with TV5 after the concert.

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Ogie Alcasid Rushed to the Hospital

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