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Vice Ganda Reportedly Caused Problems While Taping For ‘Juan Dela Cruz’

In case you are not aware, and more likely you are not, there was an attempt by ABS-CBN to bolster the declining ratings of primetime series ‘Juan dela Cruz.’ Weeks ago, a new character was introduced, played by the gay comedian and TV host Vice Ganda.

According to some reports, the gay personality’s character in the show was supposed to stay only for a few nights, or weeks. Contrary to expected, Vice Ganda’s appearance did not create much impact. Teasers were released to herald the inclusion of the gay comedian in the show.

It was also apparent that the production tried to make the appearance amusing. Vice Ganda played the role of a tikbalang, a mythical creature native to the Philippines. As if trying to make people laugh, the teaser tried to introduce the gay comedian as a scary but funny creature.

Did that gimmick help boost the show’s ratings? Logically and obviously, it did not. In fact, only a few people could tell if he ever appeared in the show or if he continues to appear in the series. Did it last a week or just several days? No one may clearly know. This is an indication that Vice Ganda’s presence did not help and the show’s ratings continue to fall.

Diva attitude?

But there’s another story related to Vice Ganda’s stint in the primetime series. According to sources who are part of the show’s production, Vice Ganda caused quite a stir during his short stint in the series. It was a non-issue if Vice Ganda refused to eat catered foot on the set. To some people, he just acted like a diva. It was not clear if he demanded other food from the production crew or if he bought meals for himself.

But wait, there’s more to the issue. Vice Ganda did not eat on the set but some people did eat his share. According to reports, the gay comedian was with a group of eight people, who somehow acted like his buddies and assistants. If Vice Ganda did not eat food at the set, his aides did.

As expected, Vice Ganda’s entourage reportedly ate more than the share that the gay comedian was supposed to consume. And yes, those people reportedly ate like there would be no tomorrow. They were full of appetite that they consumed meals for 10 people. Could this be true?

Consoling Billy

Speaking of Vice Ganda, there is another intrigue being hurled at him. According to several blind items, he was recently spotted going out of an unknown hotel one morning. What was wrong with that? He was seen with ‘It’s Showtime’ co-host Billy Crawford, who we all know is currently having personal issues of his own after a controversial breakup.

Did they spend the night together? Was it just a friendly gesture for Vice Ganda to ‘be there’ for a close friend in time of need? There are endless speculations, as expected.

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Vice Ganda Reportedly Caused Problems while Taping for ‘Juan dela Cruz’

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