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Robin Padilla Finally ‘Buries’ Rustom Padilla

BB Gandnaghari, a.k.a. Rustom Padilla, should be happier about the developments that have been rolling out in his life for the past several weeks now. The controversial gay celebrity could not contain the happiness he feels now that he is completely accepted by his family. It didn’t come easily for him though, but he says it is all worth the troubles.

Robin Padilla and other members of the Padilla clan, including their matriarch Eva Cariño, went to watch his recent show held at the Music Museum (last August 2 and August 3) entitled ‘Beauty and the Sweet,’ which featured co-star John ‘Sweet’ Lapus. That was clearly their way of fully supporting their once estranged family member.

On the first day of performance in the musical comedy show, Robin also went with common-law wife Mariel Rodriguez. According to BB, he was constantly looking at his family while performing on stage. That was because he was looking for facial and gesture clues to gauge the reception of his family.

Monitoring Robin

Particularly, BB was on guard about how Robin would react. And he was so happy that he saw Robin smiling and laughing. BB said the simple gestures he saw were more than enough for him to feel happy and comfortable because Robin seems to be fully embracing what he is now.

Even Mommy Eva was seen laughing all out during specific portions of the comedy show. She was mostly rolling during the segment wherein BB went to the stage in an outfit that pays tribute to both Madonna and Lady Gaga at the same time. He wore a sexy leather outfit with spikes.

Even the showbiz press who were there could not help but laugh at Mommy Eva’s comments after the show. She was quoted while talking in jest that BB would have been a flirt if he was a real woman. She was literally and obviously kidding about it.

Robin ‘buries’ Rustom

But what was the highlight of the night was the pronouncement of Robin himself by the end of the night, when he was cornered for an ambush interview by the showbiz writers. According to Robin he finally ‘buried’ his brother Rustom. “Inilibing ko na si BB” was his exact words.

It can be recalled that it was BB who officially announced the ‘death’ of Rustom when he changed his image and emerged as the cross-dressing gay personality. That time, he announced that Rustom was dead to give way to the arrival of the new persona---BB. That time, the Padilla clan was more than shocked to what he did.

Until the past months this year, Robin was still firm in his stand that his brother is Rustom and not BB. He also reportedly stated that he would accept his brother if the latter would come again as Rustom. After the reconciliation between the brothers a couple of weeks ago, it seems that Robin has finally learned to like and love BB, his new brother or ‘sister’ should we say.

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Robin Padilla Finally ‘Buries’ Rustom Padilla

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