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Paternity Test Reveals: Coco Martin Not The Father Of Katherine Luna’s Child

For the longest time, some people have been staunchly criticizing Coco Martin for not standing up as a responsible father to ‘Nicole,’ the 8-year-old daughter of Katherine Luna. The character actress has always been vocal about having a love child with Martin. The two were an item back in their indie films days many years ago.

Now, there is an update to this undying issue. A paternity test reportedly confirms Martin’s stand that he did not father the child. Reportedly, the DNA test revealed that Martin’s DNA did not match that of the 8-year-old Nicole. This could explain why Martin has not openly admitted the child as his own.

According to sources close to the popular Kapamilya actor, Martin and Luna split up for several months when they were still struggling actors. But Martin was surprised to know that Luna was already pregnant when they got back together. Although he did not openly acknowledge that the child was his, Martin stood up and supported Luna during her pregnancy.

Martin also reportedly helped Luna in her finances while carrying the baby, up until she gave birth. After that, the two permanently stayed away from each other. But Luna always brings out the issue whenever she gets showbiz projects or whenever TV talkshows want to interview her.

The paternity test

How was the paternity test carried out? According to sources, it was Martin’s manager, Biboy Arboleda, who found the means to finally do the test to end all speculations and accusations against his talent. Arboleda is also one of the heads of ‘Dreamscape,’ the TV production group behind ABS-CBN’s drama shows like ‘Juan dela Cruz.’

Arboleda reportedly connived with one of Luna’s close relatives. The unidentified woman gets to constantly interact with Luna and her children. She reportedly managed to get samples for DNA testing and gave it to Arboleda, who immediately asked Martin to do the same. The samples were submitted to a reliable clinic for DNA and paternity testing.

Arboleda was reportedly not surprised when the result of the paternity test was released. The talent manager has always believed that ‘Nicole’ is not Martin’s child. The two has always talked about the issue and Martin would always assert that he did not father the child. Arboleda also reportedly disclosed that Martin once told him that he did not feel ‘lukso and dugo’ when he met the child personally.

A big amount for her future

Another surprising information reached PinoyStop. According to well-placed sources, Martin gave Luna a huge amount of money and instructed her to save it up for Nicole’s future. Martin reportedly wanted to make sure that the poor child would still be able to pursue her studies.

According to additional reports, Luna already learned about the paternity test. She allegedly told her daughter about it. As expected, the child was surprised to know that Martin is not her biological dad. She reportedly took it as jolting news. This may finally clear Martin from this long and pressing issue. The paternity test’s results are expected to burst to the media soon.

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Paternity Test Reveals: Coco Martin Not the Father of Katherine Luna’s Child

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