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Melissa Ricks Maintains Friendship With Paul Jake Castillo

There's no reason for Melissa Ricks and Paul Jake Castillo to be mad at each other since their breakup was a "mutual decision." Ricks said the newbie actor and "Pinoy Big Brother" alumna treated her quite well during their one-year-and-four-month relationship.

For her, it was a good relationship that has to end since good things cannot last forever. Ricks accepted that "maybe God has a better plan" for her than being with Castillo, who came from one of Cebu's richest families.

Until now, they maintain a close friendship. Castillo still texts and calls her, and Ricks even went to visit and support his newly opened restaurant in Tomas Morato--the Yobab Lechon. Castillo also attended a friend's welcome party for Ricks.

Usually, people expect there will be bad blood between an ex-couple, but Ricks explained she's really just happy that they were able to maintain their good relationship despite the breakup.

Asked why they broke up if there's no bad blood between them, Ricks said Castillo has priorities in life that he has to take care for now. But it's not something that she will be angry at him, she stressed. Maybe "it was a right love at the wrong time."

The actress is comforted with the thought that they are still friends and they will never know what happens in the future. She clearly left her door open for Castillo. Now, they still talk and hang out with each other.

Ricks cannot say exactly if she has already moved on. The breakup just happened two months ago, and it's hard to just forget about a person like that. But she's also not expecting they'll get back together just because they are still friends. Expecting that would only hurt her in the end, the actress said.

For now, she takes everything as it is, saying she's happy that they still talk despite being separated.

"Well, kasi for me naman, there’s no reason to hold a grudge. There’s no reason to be mad at him. Never niya akong binastos. Never niya kong dinisrespect."

She clarified there was no third party involved in her breakup with Castillo. In fact, they already met each other's family. But that doesn't mean they talked about getting married. Castillo always had planned something for himself.

When they were still together, they usually argue about small things when they're stressed or tired from work. In fact, the actress noted they never argued about anything major.

Ricks' first boyfriend was actor Jake Cuenca. It can be noticed how different her reactions are to her two ex-boyfriends. To Cuenca, her doors are already closed. She said it's impossible to give him a second chance and she's not willing to be friends with him as well.

It has been so long since her relationship with Cuenca ended, and she has matured a lot now, the actress said.

Ricks also clarified she has no new suitors now, and that she's not looking for anyone in particular. Castillo, for example, arrived in her life unexpectedly.

When it comes to Castillo though, Ricks changed her attitude. "A, oo, kay Paul Jake, he’s very nice. Matalino siya. He has a dream of his own. He’s a very good guy. Wala talaga akong maipipintas sa kanya."

Meanwhile, Ricks may be doing a new project with ABS-CBN soon, but everything is still in the works. For now, she's just trying to lose weight and be fit for her new project.

Her last project was "Walang Hanggan" with Coco Martin and Julia Montes. She played the contrabida role there. For her next project, Ricks doesn't mind to be a contrabida once again. She only hopes she can justify that kind of character again.

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Melissa Ricks Maintains Friendship With Paul Jake Castillo

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