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Cesar Montano Denies Estranged Wife Sunshine Cruz’s Rape Accusation

Cesar Montano has finally broken his silence after estranged wife Sunshine Cruz filed a legal complaint against him last Tuesday (August 13). The actor responded to some accusations contained in Cruz’s lawsuit filed against the actor. The highlight of Montano’s denial is focused on two things: Cruz’s claims that she was raped by her estranged husband and the allegation that their children were taken out of her custody without consent.

Montano responded to the accusations through his lawyer, Atty. Joel Ferrer. In his statement, the 51-year old actor vehemently denied the accusations of Cruz, which were documented in the legal complaint she filed before the Quezon City Regional Trial Court.

First, Montano strongly denied that he committed marital rape against his estranged wife last May 12, Mothers’ Day. In the statement, Montano said the entire family celebrated Mothers’ Day on that day through a dinner at EDSA Shangri-La Hotel in Mandaluyong City.

Marital rape accusation

After the dinner, the entire family went to the current residence of Cruz. Montano asked to spend the night at the house, to which Cruz agreed. Montano maintained that the intimacy that happened between them that night was purely consensual.

The actor left the place in the morning. The estranged couple even exchanged text messages, which may prove that there was no animosity between the two after Mothers’ Day, contrary to Cruz’s claims.

In her legal complaint, Cruz claimed that Montano forcefully barged into her house that night. She said she was alone then. Montano allegedly attacked her physically and used his strength to rape her.

Preference of children

As to the accusation that Montano is trying to keep their daughters away from their mother, he asserted that it was their children’s preference to stay at the family’s original residence at Tivoli Royale. The lawyer reiterated that Cruz has the freedom to visit them anytime she likes. But he said Cruz might be very occupied by her showbiz commitments, which prevent her from seeing her own children.

In her affidavit, Cruz said she agreed to let their children stay at Montano’s house for a night. But she was surprised when it took many days and Montano still hasn’t returned them to her. This, according to Cruz, was when she realized that he has no intention of giving the custody of their children to her.

Unfulfilled demands

Montano’s camp tried to explain the probable reason behind Cruz’s legal action against her estranged husband. According to Atty. Ferrer, Cruz was demanding monthly financial support equivalent to about P350,000. But Montano was asking if he could lower it to just P250,000, to which Cruz disagreed.

Hen, Cruz has another demand. She was asking Montano to give her a new house worth about P11 million to P15 million. Montano allegedly admitted that he could not give in to Cruz’s financial demands. This, according to the lawyer prompted the estranged wife to threaten Montano that she would take the matter to the court.

Annulment of marriage

Montano’s camp also believes that Cruz filed the legal complaint to gain leverage in her desire to have their marriage annulled. The lawyer revealed that Cruz has been open in expressing her intention to have their 13-year old marriage dissolved legally. The case may speed up the process as it could provide another basis for the court to grant such a petition.

Cruz and Montano separated January this year. This was after Cruz found out that her husband could possibly be having an extra marital affair with starlet Krista Miller. It was Miller who posted pictures of gifts she claimed as coming from Montano in her Instagram account. Unfortunately, some of those items were given by Cruz herself to Montano.

Montano and Miller have already denied that allegation. Miller tried to use this issue as her passport to showbiz. She has failed considerably to capitalize on that because she is still not getting any showbiz break. She is now gone from public’s attention span after enjoying a few weeks exposure from TV5.

For her part, Cruz went back to showbiz. She is now part of an ABS-CBN afternoon soap ‘Dugong Buhay.’ She is also set to do the upcoming primetime soap ‘Galema.’ Montano has signed a network contract with GMA-7 recently. He is about to appear in the network’s upcoming primetime series ‘Akin Pa Rin and Bukas,’ which would star Lovi Poe.

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Cesar Montano Denies Estranged Wife Sunshine Cruz’s Rape Accusation

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