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Billy Crawford Has Recovered From Recent Breakup

Has Billy Crawford returned to the Philippines? There is no indication yet that he already did. But according to Billy’s mom, her son already left Abilene, Texas, where they are based, last Sunday, August 11. His mom, Mommy Mayet could not tell where his son went after that, but she thinks he returned to Manila.

Could it be that Billy has already returned from a short vacation in the US? Is he trying to be silent these days perhaps to enjoy some space? Or has he gone to another destination to continue his soul-searching activity? No one knows for now.

But what Mommy Mayet is sure about is that Billy has already fully recovered from the recent breakup with former girlfriend Nikki Gil. Mommy Mayet revealed to some local showbioz press people that Billy seemed okay during his vacation. She disclosed that the family had a fun time together catching up and going places.

Happy for son

The mother is so happy to see his son finally moving on with his life. She feels glad that her son is already doing good following the controversial breakup. Mommy Mayet has expressed confidence that when Billy returns to the Philippines, he would be totally ready to pick up where he left.

When Billy left the country, speculations emerged that he would return in September just in time for the promo of his latest movie ‘Oh My Mama Mia,’ where he plays a support role to Maricel Soriano. This is also the same film that started the intrigue between Billy and co-star Andi Eigenmann, who in turn has vehemently denied being involved in the issue.

Mommy Mayet revealed that she also heard the intrigues that burst after the breakup. She did not confirm or deny any of those. But she firmly asserted that people know the good nature of his son. The defensive mom assured that she is sure her son did not do anything that would hurt his reputation and that of his parents’.

The real score

Billy’s mom also assured that she knows the real score. She disclosed that she had a serious talk with Nikki over the phone. It was from her where she learned what the problem was. Mommy Mayet admitted that her son must have been uncomfortable to talk about his personal struggles. But she assured him that the family would always be behind him no matter what happens.

Mommy Mayet begged off when she was asked to share her knowledge about the problem to the press. But she assured that her son would be a better man when he returns. She disclosed that Billy would be back to honor and fulfill all his showbiz commitments. Aside from the movie promo, he would resume co-hosting ‘It’s Showtime!’

She did not give her view when asked if there is a possibility that Billy and Nikki would reconcile. She said it would be up to Billy to answer that evasive question. Showbiz insiders are betting that Billy and Nikki have really called it quits.

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Billy Crawford Has Recovered From Recent Breakup

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