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Pauleen Luna Denies Rumors That She Already Married Vic Sotto

Pauleen Luna has denied malicious reports that she and boyfriend Vic Sotto have already tied the knot. In an interview with selected showbiz reporters, the actress-TV host clarified the issue, saying with conviction that there is definitely no truth to it.

Rumors about the supposed marriage have been persistent even before Pauleen and Vic admitted that they are an item. But the two have always denied reports that they have tied the knot. The versions of such reports keep on changing.

In one version, the two went to Macau to get married. In another, they went to the US to tie the knot. Lastly, they allegedly got secretly married somewhere in the country. Now, Pauleen is out to deny all those reports. She has revealed that she was surprised to hear the rumors about their supposed marriage.

This persistent rumors prompted Pauleen to finally decide to delete her Twitter account. She disclosed that aside from the rumors, she has been getting annoying messages and tweets from her persistent bashers. To Pauleen, saying goodbye to the social networking site would be a good way to get the silence she deserves.

She revealed that through Twitter, she gets really annoyed especially when bashers try to slam her. Worse, her family is not spared from the wrath of those social media bullies. It can be recalled that she has also been involved in many controversies and troubles with other celebrities because of Twitter and other social media networks.

Betrayal from a close friend

Pauleen revealed that she has a hint about the person who may be responsible for all these rumors about her and Vic. She disclosed that she knows the identity of the person and that she is just taking time to gather enough evidence before she confronts that individual.

But she gave some clues to the identity of the person. She simply revealed that the person is somebody who is close to her. She is also trying to figure out the agenda of that person for trying to spread such speculations. She added that he/she is somebody still close to her.

Recent sightings

Vic and Pauleen were sighted recently watching a basketball game within the metro. The couple graced some ambush interviews but they did not talk about personal issues. Vic just wanted to talk about how happy they were to watch the games. They were with Danica Sotto, Vic’s daughter. Danica’s husband Mark Pinggris was among the key basketball players of Gilas team.

Months ago, the two went together for a vacation in Macau and Japan. However, they did not go alone because they traveled as part of the international shows of Eat Bulaga in those locations. Here at the home front, Vic and Pauleen seem to be very careful when going out. They have not been sighted together in a date out. The two also do not give out clues of being sweet when they are seen together in the daily noon time show.

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Pauleen Luna Denies Rumors That She Already Married Vic Sotto

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