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Claudine Barretto Gets Hospitalized

The past few weeks must have been very tumultuous for beleaguered controversial actress Claudine Barretto. She was rushed to the hospital on August 15. Before she was admitted to the undisclosed healthcare facility, the actress reportedly complained about her right arm that turned swollen and painful.

It was through her Instagram account (clauberretto) that Barretto informed her followers about her medical condition. On the night of August 15, she posted a photograph of herself sitting on a hospital bed. She was receiving treatment injected by a nurse into her right arm. Interestingly, Barretto simply put a caption that read ‘Chronic Urticaria.’ There were 336 ‘likes’ for the picture.

What is Chronic Uticaria?

The medical condition could simply be described as a severe manifestation of allergy. The medical dictionary defines it as a type of hives, also called nettle rash. It usually lasts for over six weeks. In less severe cases, the bouts of hives are called acute urticaria, which should be treated differently.

In general, Urticaria could be a manifestation of several conditions of illnesses. It may indicate one or several diseases. About half of all cases of Chronic Urticaria could be autoimmune. This means the body tends to make antibodies against itself. Specific chemicals in the body are secreted resulting in release of histamine, which in turn leads to presence of hives.

This could be a serious medical condition but it could be treated. As mentioned, the treatment process may last up to six weeks. However, there is no indication from the medical experts whether the severe allergy could affect Barretto’s regular stint in courts. It is a common knowledge that she is attending several court hearings each week in line with the cases she filed against her estranged husband Raymart Santiago.

Case update

Barretto, 34 years old, filed a Temporary Protection Order against Santiago, 40 years old. The case was fled before the Marikina Regional Trial Court in the last week of July. Barretto also accused Santiago of physically abusing her.

A week ago, women’s rights group Gabriela expressed its support for Barretto. The group vowed to extend assistance to the troubled actress regarding the issue. Barretto’s lawyer Atty. Ferdinand Topacio said it would be Gabriela that would take care of a possible abuse case against Santiago. But he cited that a possible case may involve violation of Anti-Violence against Women and Their Children Act.

The legal battle between the estranged couple could possibly last longer. Speculations emerged this week that Santiago may finally file an annulment of their marriage, using psychological incapacity as a ground. He may also fight to win the custody of their children Sabina and Santino.

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Claudine Barretto Gets Hospitalized

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