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ABS-CBN Might ‘Draft’ Or ‘Drop’ New Contract For Judy Ann Santos

Fans of Judy Ann Santos are disappointed after knowing that her current TV series ‘Huwag Ka Lang Mawawala’ would end soon. It would be running only until the third week of August after more than just two months of airing. A regular season of a TV soap in the country usually lasts about three months to four months. More successful series even get extended to about five months to six months.

According to reports, ABS-CBN was considering moving the timeslot of the show to a later time. If that plan pushed through, the drama series would air nightly around 11 p.m. This move was reportedly necessary to accommodate the new primetime series ‘Got to Believe’ starring Daniel Padilla and Kathryn Bernardo.

ABS-CBN reportedly talked to Santos personally about this change in timeslot. According to insiders, Santos did not agree to the idea. Instead of making a nod, she reportedly asked the network executives to simply end the show. To Santos, according to insiders, it would be better to end the series while it is still rating well instead of end it in a low note because its viewers left it due to a later timeslot.

Not treated fairly

Weeks ago, it was also reported that Santos did not like the outcome of that meeting. Her husband Ryan Agoncillo revealed that his wife is now dealing with a difficult situation. He insinuated that Santos is feeling bad about how her network is treating her.

Santos’ feisty talent manager Alfie Lorenzo is also revealing so much. According to him, Santos is yet to renew a network contract with ABS-CBN. Santos’ exclusive network contract ended last July. According to Lorenzo, he is baffled about why the network is taking too long to draft the contract. Now, he is asking if the network is ‘drafting’ or ‘dropping’ its renewal offer to Santos.

In an interview last June for the promo of the TV series, Santos admitted that she was feeling some jitters. That was because according to her, the ratings of the show would determine whether the network would extend another contract or not. In jest, Santos declared then that it is a common practice these days for TV networks to consider ratings of shows before signing a contract artist for renewal. Ironically, she hit it right.

Dropping low

For many weeks now, Santos’ primetime show is not performing better than its competitor in the same timeslot. The show may have high ratings but not high enough to match or surpass the competing program.

According to latest TV ratings from AGB-Nielsen, the most trusted TV ratings agency in the industry, ‘Huwag Ka Lang Mawawala’ has gotten ratings of 22% against ‘My Husband’s Lover’ that got 27.3% ratings on August 1. Kantar is the ratings serving as ABS-CBN’s basis but apparently, the network is also looking at Nielsen ratings when deciding whether to axe programs or not. That has been proven many times before.

Now, Santos is not comfortable anymore with the title ‘Queen of Pinoy Soap’ given to her by ABS-CBN. She reiterated that she would rather not have any title than to feel the pressure of such tags. Speculations are continuously emerging that she is considering transferring to either TV5 or GMA-7. She has recently hinted that she would take a hiatus while weighing things over.

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ABS-CBN Might ‘Draft’ or ‘Drop’ New Contract for Judy Ann Santos

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