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Daniel Padilla Comes To Judy Ann Santos' Defense

Daniel Padilla told his and Kathryn Bernardo's fans not to blame Judy Ann Santos' "Huwag Ka Lang Mawawala" for the delay in the airing of their new teleserye entitled "Got To Believe."

He said his fans can wait for the airing of his new teleserye whether it will take years or weeks. Veteran actresses like Santos should not be blamed since he looks up to her as an artist.

Santos, he said, is such a nice person and she doesn't deserve to be blamed for something she has no hands on. In fact, he idolized Santos so much and said he and Bernardo are such "small" artists compared to her.

Santos earlier apologized to KathNiel fans for the delay of the showing of "Got To Believe," the loveteam's second teleserye for ABS-CBN. She said they only have to wait until August 26 for the showing of the teleserye.

She added that it wasn't her intention to delay the showing of "Got To Believe," but she just opted to end her teleserye while it still has high ratings. Sources said "Huwag Ka Lang Mawawala" should have been moved to the fourth timeslot for "Got To Believe," but Santos decided to just end it sooner.

On being a role model

Padilla said he is aware how influential his words can be to his legion of fans. In fact, when he held his press conference, fans would cheer him on even if he joked around with his answers.

Asked what his favorite subject in school was, he said "recess." When asked what his worst subjects were, he responded "lahat (all)." But even as he said this, the young actor noted how important studies is.

He usually tells his fans to prioritize their studies because that can take them to their dreams in the future. Padilla added he doesn't mind when his fans idolize him and copy his style and moves. He, too, also has idols. However, he said that they should also have their own identities and to definitely not follow how he "sucked" in school.

On his detractors

Even someone as popular and well-loved as Padilla also has detractors. Whether it is his singing or acting style or just the way he talks, his critics usually have bad things to say about him. The young actor doesn't mind them at all. He knows he cannot please everybody.

In fact, Padilla said he already expects people to criticize him because of the way he is. But as long as he is happy, he will continue doing what he wants, which is singing and acting.

The important thing is, Padilla noted, he is happy with what he has achieved. It is up to the public how they see him as an artist.

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Daniel Padilla Comes To Judy Ann Santos' Defense

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